Alright then. The Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) has finally been released! I had been waiting for this for a long time now. It’s really awesome and the features are great! Here are some screenshots:

1) This one shows System Monitor (the Windows equivalent to Task Manager), Buddy list (a chat messenger) and Restricted Drivers ( a part of the device manager)

2) See the windows are flexible! Reminds me of the good old rubber band.

There is also a great feature which is missing in Windows XP as well as Vista – which is to remount the removable drives – but is available in Ubuntu 7.10. Once you “Safely remove the hardware” you can click on “Remount” in the Filesystem menu. Tada! You don’t need to unplug and replug your device. This is useful especially if you have a USB port at the back of your CPU.

Want this free OS? This is how you can own it:
1) Download the 700 MB CD image and burn to a CD. Then boot from it. Choose this if you have an unlimited plan and a fast connection.
2) Buy a CD or DVD with Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Kubuntu CD, or a large number of CDs from a distributor near you. If you are in North America you can get Ubuntu and Kubuntu on DVD from
3) Request a free Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Kubuntu CD from Canonical. I prefer this method although it takes about a two month to arrive (if you live in India like me).

You can also run this CD live. No need to install. Simply boot from the CD and use it.

But the only problem is that you cannot play MP3, AVI, MP4 files in Ubuntu. You need to download the codec. Open any MP3 file in Ubuntu and follow the on-screen instructions to download the codec.


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