Review: Alcohol 120%

I was looking for an alternative to Nero 7 (of which I had got fed up) and I stumbled upon this software about which I had heard of many times. Alcohol 120% is a great burning software and is able to record those “Protected” CDs and DVDs on to your HDD and also to another CD or DVD.

It has this Image recorder and burner for backing up all your important CDs or DVDs – enabling you to use them roughly. I actually recorded my “Gone With The Wind” DVD with its help and it worked wonders. Nero 7 refused to touch the Blank DVD to which i wanted to recorded the protected DVD.
I saw and option while burning a DVD and it said “Play Station 2”! I was shocked! I had never copied my PS2 DVDs earlier so I decided to check this out. I copied “Transformers: The Game” and to my surprise, it worked perfectly.

There’s much more to this software so I say you should check it out. Its a little pricey (about $40), but worth it.

You can get it here:
The password is “mechodownload”

How to Run:
Now it’s a little complicated to run this software. Just follow these steps:
1) Run the installation and it will ask you to restart.
2) Restart and run it again.
3) After you finish the installation, open the file titled “Serial” and copy the serial code. (Yes its that big)
4) Run Alchohol 120% and click Register. You will be asked for a serial number. Paste the number from the text file and enter any email address.
5) You will get an error saying that the code is invalid and Alcohol 120% will shut down.
6) Now run keymaker.exe and click both Activate and Register.
7) Now open Alcohol 120%. It will open and may ask for an update to a newer version. If it does, CANCEL it. Always
8) Then it will say that the code is invalid (again). Click OK. It will ask for the code. Click Cancel. But Alcohol 120% will not shut down now. Enjoy!

You will have to repeat these steps everytime to run Alcohol 120%. It may sound time-consuming, but it’s not. Just about a minute-and-a-half.

: My rating

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