Amazin’ Download Speed!

Everyone knows Rapidshare for its great file database and crazy DRM procedures. Even if you have a 2Mbps broadband which should give you a speed of about 256 Kbps, you get only 40 Kbps from Rapidshare. The only way to have simultaneous downloads and awesome speeds from Rapidshare, is to become a Premium member. However, it is quite impractical. But hope is not lost. What you need, is not a membership, but Rapidshare Premium Link Generator. In five minutes from now, you will be downloading files from Rapidshare at high speeds.

Lets have a look at the ingridents first:

1) A broadband internet connection

2) A download manager

3) A temporary e-mail account service

4) The download link of the file

5) A Rapidshare premium link generator site.


1) Go to 10MinuteMail and create a temporary e-mail account by clicking “Get my 10 Minute Mail address”

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

2) Copy the generated e-mail address.

The temporary e-mail ID

The temporary e-mail ID

3) Now go to RSGenerator an click Register. Type your nickname and paste the e-mail ID.

4) Go back to the tab where you created the ID and you will see a mail containg your password. Copy the password and login at RSGenerator.

5) Click Index at the top of the page.



6) Paste the link in the space provided and click “Download”



7) You will immediately be redirected to the site where you can have high-speed downloads. pause downloads and even download simultaneously.

If you want more sites like these, see this.

See the results yourself 😉

Comment if it worked, or didnt!



  1. Mark · August 18, 2008

    Worked like a charm!

    Downloading at 450kb/s at my end!

  2. carl · August 27, 2008

    Hey there is a new site which is going to dominate the market for this, they share megaupload and megarotic and premium accounts

    Also unlimited premium links for both rs/mu/mr

    Not too mension awesome streaming quality, and all Movies are 1 Link downloadable.

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