Review: Mr. Bean’s Holiday

I know this has come out too late, considering that the DVD is out already, but I saw it just yesteraday on HBO and am giving my honest views.

The IMDb profile

The IMDb profile

Mr. Beans Holiday begins with Mr.Bean (Rowan Atikinson) winning a trip to Cannes, France via Paris at a raffle draw, along with 200 euros and a video camera. However, what we see (as usual) is disaster in the making. You are drawn into the plot just in five minutes and, honestly, never come out of it. Wearing his usual brown suit and unaware of the disasters which lie ahead of him in this trip, this one is guaranteed to bring you into peals of laughter.

Mr. Beans holiday is not a bad film after all, but its not a good film either. Rowan Atkinson performs his role earnestly and to keep you hooked on to the film – showing what a fine actor he is. Even the small boy Stepan (Max Baldry) and actor-producer-writer-director Carson Clay (Willem Dafoe, of Spider-Man fame as Norman Osborne) are pretty good. But Bean’s French girlfriend Sabine (Emma de Caunes) is a big let down. Neither do her looks, nor does her acting inspire you to any extent. But the blame must be shared with the writers for her poorly written role.

The plot is rather disappointing. Some of the comedy scenes are great, but as the movie progresses, it becomes rather predictable. Of course, two scenes are a treat to watch – one in which Bean and Stepan beg for money and the other in which Carson Clay’s movie Playback Time is played.

The film starts off well, but ends with a disappointing climax. Bean has to reach the beach in Cannes, his girlfriend Sabine has to attend the Cannes Film Festival and the Russian kid Stepan has to meet his lost father in Cannes as well. With a common ambition, they all set off for Cannes, but end up at the film festivals where all of them reach their targets.

Overall, Mr. Beans Holiday is not a bad watch. In fact, its rather fun. But its not worth wasting your time wathcing this kind of time-pass movie when there are other great flicks like The Dark Knight running in your nearby multiplex. So I’m going to go with two out of five and an average rating for Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Watch it only if you have nothing better to do.

Rating: 2/5 (Average)



  1. Alok · September 9, 2008

    You are right.Mr Bean was really boring during the beginning.Many of the pranks shown were those that were shown in Mr Bean TV series.The only real joke I enjoyed was that of the opening credits of the Carson Clay movie where he climbs the elevator and the titles given are funny. Yes the actress Sabine is not good looking but when u know that she is “Mr Bean’s” girlfriend, she is actually more beautiful than u can expect a girlfriend of Mr beans to be( remember in the TV series and animation his girlfriend wore roundspecs and was somewhere b/w ugly and beautiful).

  2. chaoz · September 21, 2008


  3. chaoz · September 21, 2008


  4. arbto · September 1, 2009

    thanks a lot

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