Google Chrome: Google’s Hit at Browsers

As Google was close to it’s 10th Anniversary, they decided to launch it’s new browser known as Google Chrome. As usual, it’s in Beta and I feel it has a long way to go before it actually reaches a stable version.

After downloading Chrome, which is an online installer, I fired it up and met with this:

Chrome Start Page

Click for a high-res image

Strange, isn’t it? I’m not quite used to a blue browser interface, except when I use Konqueror on Mandrake Linux, or Firefox on Ubuntu. The nice thing is that there isn’t large amounts of clutter on the window, so you can concentrate on browsing alone. Whereas in Firefox and IE, the buttons make me mad.

Like Opera, Chrome has a list of thumbnails of recently viewed pages. This makes it easy to access certain sites. Notice that there’s aslo a “recently closed tab” box which one finds in Firefox only after extensive. Without exaggeration, it can be found in the History tab. 😀

Although Google Chrome is pretty good, it’s still in the Beta version (as I said before) and will remain in the Beta version for eternity, I guess (just like Google Talk).

Also, Chrome’s tab handling is absolutely pathetic. Have a look at this: How the heck am I gonna know what these tabs contain?!?

How AM I Suppose To Handle These!

And if you look at the tab handling for Firefox, it’s impressive. Much better than Google Chrome.

What a Nice Way To Handle Tabs!

What a Nice Way To Handle Tabs!

Plus Google Chrome slowed down my PC. I don’t think any broswer needs a dual core processor to run. Can’t browsers run on Pentium4s with a decent 2.4 Ghz clock speed?

However, Chrome’s crash handling impressed my, big time. It’s one of the main reasons why I use Chrome. Every tab in Chrome is treated as a separate application, not a part of an application. It also has a built-in task manager to kill unresponsive tabs. Note that it’s the tab that becomes unresponive, not the browser itself.

Task Manager Inside Chrome

Task Manager Inside Chrome

Once opened, one can see a Windows-style task manager, with an “End Process” option and also “Stats for Nerds” which gives a detailed analysis of each tab

The Task Manager

The Task Manager.

Stats For Nerds

Stats For Nerds

Notice that Firefox 3.0.1 takes up almost 4 times the memory as Chrome does, but still Chrome hangs… Wonder why.

Chrome cannot be run from “Run…” (WinKey+R). But when you type “firefox” in the bar, then it works! So Firefox has an easy access.

As far has the Acid3 Browser Test is concerned, Firefox 3.0.1 receives a lower rating (71/100) than Chrome (75/100), although Linktest failed in Chrome…

But still I prefer Firefox. Chrome has a long way to go to have a passsionate club of users. Firefox has dozens of them. If you still love the Chrome looks, get a Chrome theme for Firefox.

One comment

  1. Gambling License · October 14, 2008

    I’ve used Chrome only for 2 days may be because it new and more over my personal feeling is that I like fire fox over chrome. I’ve read about the features which Google talks about V8, sandbox, webkit etc., which increased my expectations.

    The look wise i feel firefox is better than Chrome.

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