Tips and Tricks for Nokia Phones Running Symbian

Get over the iPhone now. The Symbian OS is probably the best ever OS released for any mobile phone. No wonder Nokia is the leader in the Mobile Phone market in the world – most of their phones run Symbian in it. However, there are some tricks and tips to get the most out of your Nokia phone.

1) Know Your Firmware Version

Dial *#0000# to know your firmware version. Knowing the firmware version of your phone helps you to update the firmware regularly, which means less crashes and better performance. Nokia periodically releases firmware updates, which you can download via their website. This also gives details about the date the phone was manufactured.

2) Know Your IMEI

The IMEI is like a personal identification number of the phone, which can be used to determine the manufacturing location. Many times, the IMEI is also used in keygens for generating keys for various useful apps đŸ˜‰

3) Pump Up Your Battery

Go to Settings and keep the screen brightness minimum, make the screen-saver and backlight time the least, and also switch your Bluetooth off. If you have the latest Nseries phone like the N96, turn WLAN scanning off.

Avoid switching your phone on and off repeatedly. Doing this will eat up battery. Also avoid frequent charging. Batteries have limited charge cycles. Each charge cycle is basically an input and removal of AC current (from your charger). So let the phone battery run down completely and then charge; disconnect only when you see the battery full signal.

4) Preserve Memory

You might be low on memory quite a number of times. Try reducing the image quality. In Camera, click options and settings. Reduce the image quality. You shouldn’t do this if you have a 2 Megapixel camera or lesser. Pics at 0.8 Megapixel become unclear. Do this if you have a 3.2 or 5 Megapixel camera.

Installing apps over Bluetooth saves a great deal of memory.

Clearing the Web Browser cache removes junk stuff from the phone.

5) Bluejacking

Bluejacking is a hacking over Bluetooth. Here’s a method to fool a nearby person. Make a contact by the name “You have been bluejacked” without any number. Save it, send it by Bluetooth and the recipient will be clueless about where the message came from.

6) Shortcuts

Call key opens Log.

Holding Menu key opens Task Manager, where you can kill unnecessary/unresponsive tasks by pressing  <C>.

Holding 0 opens the in-built web browser.

In phones running Symbian 3rd Edition (like Nokia N73), holding the music key open radio.

7) The Pencil Key

Most of you are unaware about it’s miraculous use. Hold the pencil key and move right with the D-Pad or joystick and you select text. Pressing it lets you cut, copy or paste it!

Holding the pencil key and booting the phone leads to faster start-ups

8) Crash and Burn

If your phone crashes, remove the memory card and hold *, Call and # and then switch the phone on. This will restore original factory settings. Now format your memory card using an external memory card reader which plugs into the USB port of your PC.

So that’s it folks! Comment if you liked, or didn’t!

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