There was this info on LuisDS’s Flickr page that Microsoft’s new ad campaign “I Am A PC” was made on Mac. He even had a screenshot of it.

Am I A PC?

Am I A PC?

Notice that the Software is “Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh “. LOL! And the e-mail id is! But as Lithium1377 said “it would make sense. if you are going to be creative, go mac!”

So I went to Microsoft’s ad page, and downloaded the same picture. In the picture properties in Windows, i saw:

I Am A PC on a PC

I Am A PC on a PC

The Software is now “Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows “. Are the properties affected by the OS? No! Microsoft ripped the old image and put up as new one, with changed metadata or saved in Ps CS3 for Windows.

These guys can’t even edit metadata… I wonder if Sean still has his job.

But all this is not new. Why does Microsoft make everything in Adobe Flash, when they have it’s competitor Silverlight? Only Steve Ballmer knows ;D


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