Review: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is really one of the best of the superhero movies ever made in the history of films. Recently, Batman Begins was released, with Christian Bale as Batman. And it was pretty good, though boring in parts.

The Dark Knight is a major improvement over Batman Begins. The plot is good, although a bit tricky to understand at times. There are some really great ideas of fear, given in the movie, which I prefer to discuss later, to avoid spoilers.

The IMDb profile

The IMDb profile

The plot is basically revolves around The Joker, who loves to cause destruction and havoc, as chaos is what he enjoys. His aim is to destroy Gotham in fun and create fear in the minds of the people. He makes some really cool destruction plans, which forces viewers to think – what if it really happened? It is quite practical that someone could do something like him.

The tough part comes when the Joker declares Batman to unmask himself and show the others his true identity, failing which there would be a murder each day. Harvey Dent, a new and aggressive cop and James Gordon try to stop him at every move, but in vain. It’s all up to Batman to save the city before it blows up.

What inspires you the most are the action sequences. These aren’t as hardcore as the ones from Die Hard 4.0 and The Matrix: Reloaded. In fact, they’re subtle and nice. You are never bored of them, so it proves to be a good family watch.

But The Dark Knight isn’t only about Batman and his action, his fights, etc. It’s about the Joker. Heath Ledger, who stars as the villain, known simply as “the Joker” has done a magnificent job. His acting is superb and very natural. As a joker, he’s supposed to be comic and eerie at the same time. He does this job perfectly, while establishing an aura of fear and amazement amongst the audience. Rest in peace, Mr. Ledger. The guys at DC Comics decided to use Heath Ledger’s controversial and sudden suicidal death as the main marketing strategy for their film. That is why, the movie’s marketing strategy is known as “Why So Serious?” which is also the tagline and favourite dialogue of the Joker.

The other actors aren’t bad at all. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne is very good, and his excellent acting skills make you realize about the problems he encounters while being the city’s sole protector. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent plays the role of the city’s “unmasked” protector and saves Gotham City from criminals. Watch out for his amazing performance as Two-Face in the last few minutes of the movie.  Maggie Gyllenhall plays Rachel Dawes, Bruce and Harvey’s love interest.

In all, The Dark Knight is an excellent movie. It has all the cool elements one would need. Its not a mindless action flick. And Heath Ledger should definately win an Oscar for his performance as the Joker.


There are some great ideas of spreading terror, in The Dark Knight: Here are a few, and some good moments:

1] The Joker shows a magic trick. He slams a pencil into the table and claims that he can make it “disappear”. He shoves a guy’s head onto the pencil, which results in the pencil penetrating into his forehead.

2] The Joker promises, that if Coleman Reese is not dead in 60 minutes, he would blow up a hospital. So panic wakes in the minds of the people, as no one knows which us the unlucky hospital. Evacuation begins, and many of the people try to kill the Mayor themselves.

3] The citizens of the city flee in large ships, to avoid the Joker’s madness. One ship houses civilians and the other houses criminals. The Joker plants a bomb in each ship and gives the detonator for each bomb in to the other ship. Tells ’em that they get to blow up the other ship. They have time until midnight. If none of them gives in, The Joker blows up both the ships. Every passing moment is fearful, and people realize that they are only alive because the other ship did not blow them off. Emotions lead to confusion.

Rating: 9.4/10 (Very Good)

P.S: Linda, Thanks a ton!!!!


  1. Linda · September 24, 2008

    Did you actually see this movie, which was great by the way? 1. The pencil did not go in the eyes but the forehead. 2. Katie Holmes did not play Rachael, it was Maggie Gyllenhaal. 3. It was not the mayor who was suppose to be killed in 60 minutes, it was the bookkeeper in Bruce Wayne’s office who was going to tell who Batman is.

    I do not mean this post as sarcastic, but correct info. I give this movie a 10 out of 5. Extremely good which is why I have seen it 12 times and never get bored.

  2. Aditya · September 25, 2008

    @Linda: Thanx. I made some errors 😀
    1. I did not know that the pencil went in the forehead.
    2. I forgot Katie refused a salary of $2 Million and was replaced by Maggie.
    3. Yeah, it was Resee. I erred.

  3. Linda · September 26, 2008

    That’s ok. I always say that if everyone was perfect they would not put erasers on pencils. I use a pencil a lot.

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