Hacking – Part II

This isn’t really a hacking method, but it certainly gives the user a fright. Its a method to make a countdown timer, which shuts down the computer.

There are some DOS commands involved here. So let’s get familiar with those.

After typing shutdown you may place any of these attributes.

-s = Shutdown/Power-Off

-r = Restarts

-t = Sets a time limit for shutdown. Should only be used with -s or -l. Else, it leads to Logging Off, regardless of the time limit set

-c “xx” = Adds a comment to basically “explain reason” of shutdown. xx can be any message less than 127 characters and should always be in quotes.

-l = Log off account. Takes you back to the welcome page

-a = Cancels a system shutdown. Very handy to stop an intentionally or virally intitiated shutdown.

-f = Forces running applications to shutdown without warning (no Error Report messages!)

There! Now that you’re done, lets type the code.

1] Go to Start –> Run

2] Type shutdown and the appropriate code for desired behaviour. Here is an example…

Give the message “Your PC was hacked by the Devil…” and shutdown the computer after 80 seconds.

shutdown -s -c “Your PC was hacked by the Devil…” -t 80

The only way to stop this is by typing this in the Run dialog box:

shutdown -a

If you want, you may create a desktop shortcut with the above code as the target, to stop an initiated shutdown.

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