The Battle of the Music Players





It’s been a long time since the Apple iPod Nano 4G and Microsoft Zune were out. The iPod Nano has been revamped for the fourth time in four years, but it does look damn cool. It sweet and light and sleek. I simply hated the fatty Nano which released previous year. The new Zune doesn’t look too bad. But which one to choose? Lets see the specs first:

iPod vs Zune

iPod vs Zune

Well, that should be handy! Click for a bigger and clearer picture.

As far as the comparison is concerned, both of ’em have equally great features. The Zune has Wireless Connectivity, which allows you to download stuff over a Wi-Fi hot-spot, and this the iPod lacks. This enables a Zune owner to transfer stuff wirelessly to other Zunes, and sync wirelessly to computers.  Apple has included this only in the iPod Touch.

Zune also allows you to download DRM free MP3s, which Apple doesn’t – limiting it’s playing to only five PCs or MACs

On the other hand, Zune misses cover-flow, an awesome feature to scroll through albums. Even the picture formats are more in the iPod. Zune also lacks the looks – it appears to be a big chunky brick. The iPod has nice tapering edges which make it look attractive. Apple offers free custom engraving, which is pretty cool.

Both have equal amounts of storage and battery life. Even the sound quality is flawless in both.

So in the battle, both have won. If you want to go for reliability, then go for the iPod, as Apple has dominated the music player market for years, and has a lot of experience to make these. However, if you want to feel different, go for the Zune. Its obviously rarer than the iPod, and will attract attention.

Strange, isn’t it, the roles being reversed? In the computer market, you get a Microsoft PC for reliability but a Mac for being different.


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