Review: Asphalt 4 Elite Racing HD for Nokia S60

Gameloft released Asphalt 4 Elite Racing recently, after Asphalt 3. Since Gameloft is the best in mobile gaming, Asphalt 2 Urban GT was awesome. But Asphalt 3 was a huge disappointment. I didn’t have much expectations from Asphalt 4 Elite Racing, but oh boy was I wrong. Here are the main features of the game, which are enough to bowl you over:

The Good

  • Extreme High Definition 3D Graphics
  • Great Gameplay
  • Superb cars such as Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spyder, Nissan GT-R and bikes such as Ducati 1098
  • Realistic Weather Conditions such as rain and snow with exclusive handling difficulties for each
  • Six Most Happening Cities To Race: Los Angeles [USA], New York [USA], Paris [France], Monte Carlo [Monaco], Dubai [UAE] and Shanghai [China]
  • Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode

The Bad

  • Tedious controls
  • Poor Soundtrack
  • No Story
  • No new game modes


Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is a vast improvement over its precedessor, Asphalt 3. The graphics are better, the racing is nicer, the difficultly level has gone down slighltly and the rides are pretty good. The races are fun, and there is an urge to unlock new cars and cities to race in. But unfortunately, other than the cities and the cars, there is no major change in the game. When Asphalt 3 released, it had different game modes such as Cash Attack, Cop Chase, etc. which lacked in Asphalt 2. But there are no new ones in Asphalt 4. They are the same, but are still a treat to play. There are lesser bugs, which were innumerable in Asphalt 3. But in the end, the racing experience is enjoyable. The races do become sluggish and boring after completing about the half the game, but nevertheless, it is a good experience. Although more improvements could have been done to make the game more exciting, Asphalt 4 is obviously the best racing game on the mobile I’ve ever played.

Rating: 3/5 [Good]


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