Give XP a Vista Look

Although Windows Vista has a huge number of bugs, you will definitely agree that Windows Vista is much more superior in looks. Its complete eye candy. How about mixing the XP stability and Vista looks? A great combination. As the tutorial is huge, I will post it in parts.

This part will talk about adding the most important features of Vista, and also about giving XP the skin.

1] Download Vista Transformation Pack from here

2] Extract the file, and run it. Follow the instructions and install. Use express install instead of classic, it will save you time. Do not integrate files into the system files!

3] Restart the computer after installation. You now have an awesome desktop! Complete with sidebar. Whats missing is the transparency. Lets fix that too.

4] Download WindowBlinds from this .torrent file. You need a torrent client like µTorrent to download this.

5] Open the folder, navigate to Crack, and open “sid.txt”



6] Copy the SID, and open “newsid.exe”. Click Next in the dialog box, and paste the new SID.



7] Click Next until the SID application process starts. It will take a long time, depending upon your installed applications. Do not touch you computer until asked to. To pass time, do what I did. Play PlayStation 2!

8] After the process is complete, you will have to restart the computer.

9] Now, install WindowBlinds given in the torrent file. After installation, you will be prompted to register. Close the dialog box, exit WindowBlinds, and navigate to the same Crack folder. Copy the Sig6.bin file and paste it in the WindowBlinds installation directory.

10] Now, open WindowBlinds. Tada! It’s successfully registered.

11] In the WindowBlinds application, select Aero Style by WIndows X and click Apply my changes



12] Wait for some time, and you should have a desktop looking like WIndows Vista along with the Start Menu and window and taskbar transparency.

You can play with WindowBlinds and change the opacity of elements.

So now you made the feel. Now you get the stuff.

13] Get the Windows Vista style explorer for XP. Download ViSplore from here.

14] Extract it, and look at this beauty.



15] Nice naa? Download WinFlip now for an awesome Aero style window flipper from here.

16] Extract and run the WinFlip.exe file. Hit WinKey+Tab for this.



In 16 steps, you made a Windows Vista style desktop. A mere 45 minutes for broadband users. An eternity for dial-up losers

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