Format A USB Disk Into NTFS

So it all started when one of my friends wanted a copy of this Digit magazine DVD, which is Dual-Layer. I had Nero 9 make an image file onto his 16 GB Pen Drive, and it stopped after a quarter of an hour, claiming that no file larger than 4 GB was allowed, because it was a FAT partition. Now, I had this great burning desire building up inside me, to chuck the pen drive out of the window, but then I pledged not to rest until I had found the solution. So I set out on a search, and found this HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Its actually meant for completely formatting your USB disk, because Windows XP’s native formatting tool does not remove auotrun.inf viruses.

1] Download and install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

2] Connect your USB disk. Since I had given back the 16 GB pen drive to my firend, I tried this out on my own Transcend 2GB.

3] Open the application. Choose your USB disk from the “Device” drop down box at the top. If there is only one USB disk, it should be already chosen. I chose JetFlash TS2GJFV30 8.07 (1936 MB) (I:\). Big name for a small pen drive!

4] Open the “File System” drop down box and choose NTFS.

Change to NTFS

Change to NTFS

5] Now, check “Quick Format” and “Enable Compression”. Give a label if you want. If you’re sure you’ve enabled all the settings, click “Start”.



6] Now wait for a few seconds and your USB disk will now have an NTFS file system. This means you can store files larger than 4GB, and compression allows stuff to occupy lesser space on your disk, thus saving much needed space.


  1. Tapas · December 10, 2008

    Nice Post, this.

    Just a teeny-weeny suggestion.



    Thats what it stands for.


  2. The Nut · December 19, 2008

    Hey…sorry for the off-topic comment…just read your comment on my blog…and isn’t it a universal fact that those who don’t qualify for the finals simply *have* to know more of the stage answers than the finalists?!…hope to bump into you next year

    P.S. I reflect Tapas’s suggestion, although I can’t see where it is..

  3. Aditya · December 20, 2008

    @The Nut: Yes, that’s probably one of Murphy’s laws of quizzing :D! And Tapas talked about the SNAP Widget which used to consume lots of bandwidth. I removed it. I was beginning to hate it anyway.

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