Change The Currency To Match Your Country’s



This was the most irritating moment while preparing for my computer practical examination. Microsoft Excel simply refused to accept the Rs (Rupees, the currency in India) text before the numbers, so it refused to calculate further. Not only for me, but for many other people in different countries will definitely face this problem. How to correct this? Chuck Office 07 out of the Windows (pun intended) hard-drive? Nah, that’s impossible. Although you all hate Microsoft for various reasons, you’ll have to agree that Office 07 is one of the finest office suites around. Even if it costs a fortune you are ready to download via a torrent buy a copy. But then, Microsoft is biased towards its US customers 😦

So here’s how to correct it.

1] Hit Start. Now, click on Control Panel.

Cotnrol Panel in Start

2] Now,  by default, you should see the Category View. If not, switch to Category View from the Control Panel sidebar.


3] Once you’re in the category view, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.

Category View

3] Click Change the format of numbers, dates, and times.


4] See the format set for the United States? Change it to your own country. Since India uses the United Kingdom system of numbers, units, et cetera, I’ll choose that.


5] After you choose, click Apply. Now, click Customize…


6] In the Numbers tab, I changed the digit grouping from 123,456,789 to 12,34,56,789. You do so if you wish. Click Apply and go to the Currency tab.


7] Here’s why we came here for. I changed the currency symbol to Rs. Remember to put a space after typing Rs, otherwise, you’ll see the numbers stuck to the symbol. Click Apply. Change the Time and Date if you want, and if you do, remember to click Apply. Click OK, and exit.


And now, whopee!



  1. Tapas · December 30, 2008

    If i manage not to be exagerrated, i would say this is the best techie blog ive seen for qite sometime . . . . apart from, uhmm . . . Scobleizer ?

  2. Ankur Banerjee · December 30, 2008

    Ever tried out IBM Lotus Symphony? It’s built on the OpenOffice codebase but has a much much better interface. It did the context sensitive menu thing before Office 2007. Lotus Symphony has another killer feature which nobody has – tabbed interface. So you can open a spreadsheet in one tab, a presentation in another et al. See how much that makes your desktop less cluttered when working on multiple projects.

    (And in Lotus Symphony / OpenOffice, you don’t have to change the language settings for the whole friggin’ OS. You’ve a separate option for locale settings.)

  3. Aditya · December 30, 2008

    @Tapas: (sigh…) Thanks for all the praise!!

    @Ankur Banerjee: Yes, I’ve used Lotus Symphony. I ordered a CD. Its great, but it kinda killed my processor. Don’t know why. Takes up lots of time to boot up. Is it the same with you as well?

  4. Ankur Banerjee · December 30, 2008

    Nah, not faced that problem. Disable Java (in its Options) and then see any changes in booting time.

  5. Aditya · December 30, 2008

    @Ankur Banerjee: Well, I’ll try that. Thanks! But still, can’t beat the transparency features in Office 07! I’m not being biased towards Microsoft or anything (I hate it as much as everyone does), but seriously, Office 07 is great. I’ll try using Symphony now. Do try its conversion of an image to 3D option.

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