He Can, They Can, Can You?

Can You Run That Game you are planning to buy this year? A service, called Can You Run It, powered by System Requirements Lab, can tell you just that. After generating lots of queries for 3D Analyze, I used this service to find out the requirements and see whether they can run the games.

1] Open Internet Explorer. Firefox 3 or higher will not do. Firefox 2 might, but do you still have that ancient browser?

2] Type http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest in the address bar and hit enter.

3] Choose the game you want in the drop down menu. I’ll choose Battlefield 2142.


4] Now, click Can You Run It? In the page that opens next, you’ll be asked to install an ActiveX control, which surveys your PC requirements. This is only a one-time process.

5] Then you come to the page of comparison. This is where it gets cool.


Aww. My requirements won’t satisfy this one 😦 But yours might! So do try. And, with this you can also find out the settings for 3D Analyze. This is the Video Card requirements section, which helps you identify the Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader Version.

Video Card Features – Minimum attributes of your Video Card.

Video RAM: Required – 128 MB , You have – 64 MB

Video Card 3D Acceleration: Required – Yes , You have – Yes

Video HW Transform & Lighting: Required -Yes , You have – No

Vertex Shader Ver.: Required – 2.0 , You have – 0.0

Pixel Shader Ver.: Required – 2.0 , You have – 0.0

Just don’t try running the Crysis test. It might make your PC Cry like a sissy!


  1. Tapas · January 1, 2009

    been looking for something like this for along time . . .

  2. apoorv · February 14, 2009

    it is a really good one
    nice work dude

  3. Mayank Singh · April 5, 2009

    Very useful…. Thanks….

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