Cheap Internet for Airtel Prepaid Users

Mobile Internet can never be free. Face it. All those methods on the web are a waste of time, and will never work, unless you are an expert hacker.

Here it is! [P.S: Work only for Airtel Prepaid]

1] In the home screen/standby mode, type *567*1# and call.

2] In the message you get, you will be informed about the activation of Mobile Office, which charges you 30 paise/50KB, rather than the regular 30 paise/20KB.

3] Hit OK, or Answer, or whatever, and reply 1 in the Service Command Editor.

4] You’ll be notified that Mobile Office will be activated in the next 1 hour, but it hardly takes a minute, when you wil receive the settings. Save them, and make them the default ones.

5] Download Opera Mini, and run it with Mobile Office. It works wonders. Awesome speed, cheap internet!



  1. phuchungbhutia · January 30, 2009

    What is the setting for this service . . Is it the mo setting or nop setting or the live setting . .
    I am unable to get the setting so wanna set it manually . . I know all the config but dont know which to use in this case .

  2. Aditya · January 30, 2009

    @phuchungbhutia: It’s actually called Mobile Office. The original settings are called Airtel Live!.

    When you get the Service Message, there should be a query/option which can enable you to set it as the default settings.

    Remember – this is only for Prepaid!

  3. sunnyjohri · May 18, 2010

    this is a ver y use full web site to me

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