Your Complete Guide To Run Windows 7

So there have been lots of problems for Windows 7 Beta testers. They wanted to get hold of a copy on Friday, but Microsoft had other plans. They complained of “heavy traffic”, and later put the download, and then removed it. But I gave you the direct download links already. If you’re starting from scratch, here’s what you need:

1] The Windows 7 Beta ISO Image file for either 32-bit or 64-bit (start the download before you read the other steps. It takes a lot of time to download)

2] A DVD writer

3] An ISO burner like Nero (which is trial) or a free one, such as ImgBurn.

4] 1 GB RAM

5] 1 GHz Processor

6] 64MB Graphics Memory/128MB (for running Aero)

7] 16GB free hard drive space.

8] A Windows Live ID, for obtaining the Windows 7 Product Key (yes, there’s a product key for the Beta as well!!)


1] Donwload the Windows 7 ISO image (links given above)

2] Sign-up to Windows Live. Sign-in here, after signing up, or if you’re already a member. Click on Sign-In at the top left corner of the window, and follow the steps.


3] After you’ve done that, click here if you’re downloading the 32-bit version, or here if you’re downloading the 64-bit version. You’ll get the Product Key for that particular version.


4] Free up space on your hard drive. If you want to remove Windows XP/Vista and overwrite it with Windows 7, its okay. But if you want to dual-boot, you must install Windows 7 on another partition. Download the GParted Live CD, and burn it to a CD. That’ll help you to partition your hard drive. I’d recommend a partition of 20GB for your Windows 7 installation, as Windows will get free space of 4GB to breathe.

5] After you download the ISO, burn it using ImgBurn, or Nero, or any other software. Restart your PC, tweak the BIOS settings to boot from CD/DVD, and boot using your newly burnt Windows 7 Beta DVD. Follow the instructions, and if you do it good, you should be able to dual boot Windows Seven and Windows Vista and/or Windows XP.



  1. Tapas · January 11, 2009

    Good post mate, will follow.

    And that previous post had a good starting : Foo Fighters eh ?

  2. Aditya · January 11, 2009

    @Tapas: Yeah Pretender.

    luv that song 😀

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