Been Busy

Sorry for not posting for a lotta time. Got lots on my hands lately”

1] Studying for exams

2] Studying for class tests

3] Doing Art homework (Yes! I do it)

4] Playing World of Goo (Super game. A post about it comin’ up)

5] Dammit. Counted fifth an hour ago


  1. arjun · January 19, 2009

    art hw? what, really? i NEVER did mine, basically got a D grade every time.
    world of goo: yes, just brilliant! on chap. 4, no time to play these days.

  2. Aditya · January 19, 2009

    @arjun: yeah art hw. got 45 in 1st semester!!

    i finished the game 2day… information superhighway rocks, especially when u encounter that huge earth with its own gravity, and when the goo is in an orbit, it breaks off moving in a tangential direction!!

    chapter 5 is damn tough. try beating even 1 level!

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  4. Tapas · January 31, 2009

    WFG rocks.

    There’s also this game called crayon physics deluxe. Try it.

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