Open Applications By Typing A Command

I like to open apps in a flash.

I hate to see my desktop cluttered with icons.

I love to type commands using my keyboard rather than using that mouse to double-click on that icon.

I hate to waste time for navigating to the location of my stored application.

If you feel that the above conditions apply fully to you, then this is the right post. If not, it still is.

Like I was saying, World of Goo is an awesome game. Obviously, I didn’t buy a full version. I downloaded a portable version. But I had to navigate to the folder always to get that game running. So I got an easier way:

1] Navigate to the file you want to open using the Run dialog box. It’s World of Goo in my case.


2] Right-click on the application icon, and click Create Shortcut.


3] You’ll see that the shortcut is created. It’s Shortcut to World of Goo in my case. Hit F2 on your keyboard (which is the shortcut to rename a file) and type a short, sweet name, that you’ll remember. I used goo. World of Goo is all about goo balls. So I possibly can’t forget about them.


4] Now to relocate the file. Hit Ctrl+X (which is the shortcut for moving a file), and open the Run… dialog box in the Start menu. Type %windir% and hit Enter. This opens your default Windows installation directory.


5] Hit Ctrl+V, and paste the shortcut in that directory. That’s it! You’re done!


6] Now, whenever I want to play, tap WinKey+R and type goo and press enter!


Hope you liked this post. Comment if it worked, or didn’t! I’ll solve your queries.

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