Competition Success Review #2: Cyberfest 2008

Venue: Mata Jai Kaur Public School, Ashok Vihar

I’m kinda biased towards Cyberfest as I have been going to MJKPS since Class V, and have won every single time in Class V,VI and VIII. I didn’t go on seventh. Like always Cyberfest was great. It is always the quality of the symposium that impresses me. It’s conducted in a great manner, although there were two speeches, a prayer song and a dance to start it off. The were off-schedule, but that’s OK. As usual, Mridul and me were going for the quiz, but Shikhar couldn’t go for Digital Imaging (its only till Class VIII, you see).

“Arre Mridul! Yaar Shikhar jaa raha hai ki nahi?”

“Haan haan. Video editing mein.”

“Chalo usme to first he honge. Prakhar ke saath hai na?”

“Haan. Prakhar DI mein bhi to hai.”

“Hain? Phir toh usme bhi kuch mil he jayega. Un dono me pharak kya hai? Prakhar lamba hi toh hai.”

“Par woh basketball be khelta hai.”

“Sahi hai, yaar.”

Now it has been a norm for Shikhar to go and win nearly every event, since 2007. Nearly. So after a long inaguration, we set off. The quiz prelims were tough. Pretty tough. But somehow, we managed to qualify.

While on the way to MJKPS

“Aditya, last time quiz mein ek second round bhi tha. Hume questions bana ke doosro ko dene the.”

“Oh. Phir?”

“Is bar bhi ho sakta hai. Pichlee bar Mudit bimar ho gaya. Akele karna pada.”

“Koi baat nahi. Abhi prepare kar lete hai.”

“Questions kaha likhe?”

“Meri ghadi kab kaam aayegi?”

Now, my watch comes with this cool Memo feature, which can store anything. I stored hints to answers.  One of them was ATI Crossfire. Its a Timex Ironman Triathlon if you’re curious. Back to the present. We qualified and the inevitable happens – Mridul is right. We have to give some questions. I glance stealthily at my watch, and give all the questions.

Reshuffling. We get a Jaspal Kaur paper. It was too ridiculous for me to remember the details.

Question: Computer by IBM, convertible or not.

Heck, what do I know what he’s trying to say? Mridul calls the supervisor and asks to clarify. The supervisor hasn’t got a clue, and asks the author. Some confusion happens, and we end up writing IBM Convertible. I hope you know that’s the first portable computer.

Question: Expand ABC.

Obviously, Atansoff-Berry Computer. I forgot though. Mridul still remembered. Has he got another brain in his stomach or something? I mean, it’s too much info to remember at one time.

We qualified for the finals. After answering nearly all questions, we knew we would. The quiz was damn good.  As usual, stuff happened.

During the crossword round:

We answer, and before we finish celebrating, the next question is show, RKP hits the buzzer and answers.

Mridul- “Please wait! We didn’t see the question.

“So what? It was already shown”

After a lot of scuffle, RKP prevailed, and the question wasn’t scrapped. Before anyone knew what was happening, the next question was showed.

He is credited with the invention of Ethernet.

Mridul- “[Bangs the buzzer] Robert Metcalfe”

RKP- “But…”

Mridul- “Ab phir?”

Never seen Mridul with such a vengeance. Then comes the Visual Round (yay!), but with negative marking (aww…). We are at a good position, with a 50 point lead, I guess.

“Aditya, aaram se boliyo. Buzzer galti se bhi mat daba. We should not lose the advantage.”

“You can trust me yaar.”

There’s some ad about a sound system booming with gunshots, and the police comes to investigate.

“What do you think?”

“I think its Bose.”

Quizmaster: “Anyone?”

Nobody answers. So he asks everyone what they would have answered. Somebody said Sony.

“Montfort, what was your guess?”

“I would have answered Bose.”

“Its Bose.”


Next ad. About some game. Pretty dark. People shooting around. FPS.

I’ve seen this somewhere!”

“Yaad kar, Aditya!”

“I think Tapas told me.”

“Are you sure of the answer?”


“Lets not risk it.”

“I have a feeling its F.E.A.R”


Comes to us. We pass. Goes to RKP.

I think its F.E.A.R”

“Thats right!”


Next ad. Some mouse shouting Hello. Many people shouting Hello. Mridul presses buzzer. Too late.

“Kya hai!”

“Shit yaar! iPhone”


Like that we lost another one. We knew four out of five questions, and didn’t answer a single one. 80 points down the drain. RKP is only 5 points away from us. We’re still leading. We come second in the rapid fire, but manage to come first.

Shikhar and Prakhar come first in Video Editing, and Prakhar comes third in Digital Imaging. What a surprise.

We won the runners up trophy. Not bad! Considering that we all gave an exam on that day.


  1. Tapas · January 30, 2009

    Oh bugger.

    Hadnt quite realised it was that frustrating . . . .

  2. Aditya · January 30, 2009

    @Tapas: It was. Much more, in fact. It was (What you can imagine) ^ 42

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