Competition Success Review #4: WarP 2008

Venue: Delhi Public School, Mathura Road

Just three days after the Mega Event, crops up another symposium. WarP 2008. I thought it’ll be great. DPS events usually are, you know. Not that there is none better than them. Read to find out how it was.

Thankfully, we reached on time. Or should I say, just in time. Mrittunjoy Shakespeare had to wait for GD, while I, as usual, was going for quiz, with you-know-who.

Shikhar God was going for Design A Tatoo [in Ps] with nobody. That guy is best when alone. He also went for Surprise Event. With either Arpit or Mudit. I think it was the latter.

So the quiz prelims started, and we get this huge question paper consisting of 30 questions! Some were easy…

[Google’s Doodle on Laser]

… and some were not so easy.

Hoarders may get piles of money,
That is true, hackers, that is true.
But they cannot help their neighbors;
That’s not good, hackers, that’s not good.

I had seen this before, but couldn’t identify the singer/song. It was the Free Software Song by Richard Stallman.

There were many other songs. What crap.

Then we though we should qualify. Meanwhile in the Surprise Event, we were own3d. Shikhar had a brilliant idea in the first round. There was an apple with a knife. You had to do something “creative.”

So using his scale, he cut the apple into half, and carved four “windows” on one half, using his compass. He wrote below : BootCamp.

Amazing na? Windows in an Apple. XP in Mac OS X. Boot camp. Great creativity! But in the next round, they had to solve Minesweeper, on expert mode. Even Lord Vader was there. He won the event. How? He used a cheat! xyzzy + Shift. This brings up a white pixel on the top left corner [0,0 position] of the screen. When your mouse is over a mine, the pixel turns black! Very bad.

Shikhar now wanted a partner for DI. He took me. I set it up with Mridul to call me when the quiz finals started.

I go with Shikhar to the room. Its designing a tattoo. Vector. So Shikhar thought of taking the pen tool and drawing up the tattoo, and later save it as .eps.  Nobody did that, and that vector part was not considered. They had good PCs though. What was I doing? Nothing. I’m exactly a n00b in Photoshop, but I did feel like in front of Shikhar. The mouse pointer was a blur. I was always two steps behind. Fifteen minutes into the event, and Mridul calls me for the quiz.

Quiz finals begin. DPS RKP, DPS Noida, DPS VK, New Era, and another school makes it besides us. Prateek Vijayavargia is there, and so is Vivek Nair and VS Karthick.

First round – dry round. I think we scored.

Next round – Tunes. Again, songs. All tech songs. Rubbish round. I hated it. Then dry rounds followed. I was shocked at the craziness of the participants. I was the youngest quizzer there, and nobody got this simple one:

Identify the game which is being referred to here: “I feel like being in paradise while taking revenge and domination on my PlayStation.

Sitter. Burnout is the game. My excitement was evident on the stage. I thought everyone would knew this. I mean, it is the best racing game ever made.

Unfortunately for Vivek Nair, there was a question about his favourite game Portal. But before it could reach him, it got scrapped. *sob*sob*

So the last round is called Grand Finale. Adhish Sharma jumps onto the stage and announces.

“Surprise! Only the top four teams remain, bottom two get eliminated.”

We are leading with 25, and we remain. So does RKP, Noida and New Era. The Grand Finale is asking the teams a set of 10 questions, with a format of plus 10 minus 10, and 20 seconds per question.

Starts with RKP. They get one right and one wrong. Zero.

Then us. We are on thirty, and this question comes:

XMPP is used by which popular chat client?

For all quizzer [or Pidgin users] we know that GoogleTalk is most popular. We say that, and its wrong. We argue after out round of questions is over. Adhish Sharma says its Jabber.

As New Era and DPS Noida are questioned, I whip out my phone, turn on Opera Mini, search for XMPP on Wikipedia, and get it. It clearly mentions Google Talk. By that time, DPS Noida has won, and are celebrating. They were on 30, and we on 20. If we got that one right, we would be on 40. So we requested at least to have a tie-breaker with DPS Noida.

Adhish- “No”

Mridul- “But our answer is right! I’ll show it on Wikipedia”

Adhish- “Aise toh koi bhi internet khol kar dikha sakta hai.”

Me- “Dikhaya toh nahi na? XMPP is correct.”

Adhish- “How can you be sure?”

Me- “Pidgin clearly mentions it.”

Adhish- “What’s that?”

Upon asking who made the paper, it was Ramit Singhal who was unavailable on that day. He said not to accept any other answer.

Even Prateek supports us. Thanks dude! We are tied with them, and he doesn’t mind coming third. Finally we have a tie-breaker. New Era and Montfort. We agree to their demands, after a private discussion.

Question 1: Who said “Never buy a computer you cannot throw out of the window?”

I read this in iCon, but kinda forgot that it was Steve Jobs, and not Wozniak. Both of us wrote wrote Jobs. I felt it was Woz, but Mridul asserted on Jobs.

Question 2: Who said “The Internet: We are not interested in it”

Sitter. Bill Gates. We got this, and settled for a second position. I was really grateful to Prateek [and his team mate] for supporting us during this problem. I gave him a quick handshake on stage. Felt professional that time 😀

Now the agonizing wait for results begins. Arpit and Mudit tell about the WebD event. Its on any topic. Taking a cue from CodeWars, they made it on Al-Qaeda. They got a prize. Second, maybe. I’ve forgotten! Poor memory.

After the quiz I went for refreshments to FastTrax, to which the school canteen is outsourced to. Frankly speaking, food was great. Sat in a proper room with tables and chair and had it. When I came back, Shikhar told me we won nothing in DI. For the first time in two years have I seen Shikhar not winning anything.

While waiting for the prize distribution, Vivek Nair has a chat with us, about CodeWars, which is day after tomorrow.

Vivek- “Is bar ka Surprise Event itna mushkil hai, you’ll cry.”

Me- “You’ll make us chop onions?”

<Mridul and Shikhar guffaw>

Vivek- “Ankur ne itna tough

paper banaya hai. Bahut tough hai. Poore saal to vela baitha tha, koi kaam dhandha to tha nahi, quiz banane me nikal diya. Crossword bhi mushkil hai.

Mridul- “Chal dekhte hain.”

Vivek- “Aaj ka quiz itna bekar tha. Pehle toh kuch aata nahi tha, phir eliminate bhi ho gaye.”

During the prize distribution cermony:

The third prize for Design A Tattoo goes to Montfort School!

Whoa! We replaced DPS VK (much to their outrage). I was applauding Shikhar, when I realised that I too participated. I ran to collect my award.

Then came quiz. I collected the second prize reluctantly.

DPS VK were the overall winners. Everyone won something, I guess. After they collected their overall trophy, Vivek Nair comes up to me and says:

“It gives me an empty feeeeeeling to win the overall and not win any individual trophy.”

So the atmosphere on the way back was quite good. WarP was quite fun.

Refer to the official Converge Clan blog for more.

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  1. Ankur Banerjee · February 9, 2009

    Me- “You’ll make us chop onions?”

    Hmm. Not a bad idea actually…

  2. Ankur Banerjee · February 9, 2009

    I mean, seriously. Not a bad idea.

  3. Aditya · February 10, 2009

    @Ankur Banerjee: No. It’s not such a good idea. BTW, I’ll make it a point to send a chef to next years Surprise Event at VK 😀

    And aren’t you angry at Vivek Nair for calling you “vela?”

  4. Mridul Kapoor · February 10, 2009

    Nice Work, Aditya
    It’s like Total Recall

    • Aditya · February 11, 2009

      Thanks mate! CSR #5 will be coming up, and so will CSR#6 [ A guest post on Bluebells]

  5. Mayank Singh · February 14, 2009

    Good one man…. it is really something to remember everything in chronological order…….

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  7. prateekv · March 4, 2009

    @ Aditya – I think the Warp Quiz finals were disastrous. Nothing to take away from ur 2nd position, but well, it was conducted very badly. The level of questions was not balanced, they have weird rules (no point in eliminating teams and having negatives), the quizmasters did not know the correct answers, and there was no proper research done. But I think the Prelims Paper encompassed a lot of fields along with tech, like Doodles, Literature, Music, Movies, History very well. Though I supported ur cause, I feel somehow that you should not be using the Mobile at events, esp. on stage. Its not quite correct, you see. But anyways I was happy the ordeal ended! I think they messed up the Quiz bigtime, (especially the private discussions you had with them were funny!!)

    Also, the FastTrax food was bad!!! Branded, and nothing else.

    • Aditya · March 5, 2009

      The prelims were not that good. I hate music-with-tech. Only one question about that FSF song should’ve been enough; in addition to that, there was an entire round on Music! Overkill.
      FastTrax food wasn’t bad. I actually liked it. And about the mobile, it was switched off during the entire quiz. I switched it on only after the entire quiz was over, so that the authoritites do not suspect anything.

  8. umesh prasad singh · June 10, 2009

    my association with competition success review that is csr is since 1980 onwards at a stretch with magnitude and infinitude of interest. i used to read csr as a hallmark of english literary fervour and trend. i took part in many essay contests and super brain essay contests doring my university days in calcutta and also during my convent days i used to contribute in csr in the letter section of the magazine, csr according to me is a store house of informative information. i was inspired to write for upsc and prepare for iipa membership through csr. this magazine is a custodian of our culture and efficiency of writing in a prolific manner. all the governmental oraganizations in india prefers csr oriented scholars who has the ability to write and speak on any issue on extempore plane of plenary session.i congratulate shri surendra kumar sachedeva the editor of csr that he has been able to tap the finest brains of our country and bringing them to the lime giving the contestants commendable prizes.and infusing creativity amongst younger generation in particular.

  9. umesh prasad singh · June 13, 2009

    competition success review reflects administrative traits and culture at the highest level of awareness. csr to me is an art of man -making.this is what i have inculcated since my convent education.

  10. Pulkit Kaushik · July 29, 2010

    The BootCamp idea was bloody brilliant! *salutes*

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