Download The TCS IT Wiz 2008 Quiz Archive

Shikhar was kind enough to provide me with the questions of this year’s TCS IT Wiz. Download links below:

TCS IT Wiz Quiz Archive [PDF Format] ~130 KB [Direct Link]

TCS It Wiz Quiz Archive [PDF Format] ~130 KB [MediaFire Download]



  1. Tapas · February 14, 2009

    Whoa. I got the first one. Nothing else šŸ˜›

    • Aditya · February 14, 2009

      Come on! Don’t tell me you didn’t get Western Digital, Android, Cell CPU and Kingston! Those were sitters!

  2. Tapas · February 14, 2009

    Ok. I dont tell you. Happy ?

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  4. Mridul Kapoor · February 15, 2009

    It was *really* agonizing to hear the quizmaster say this line

    AND Coming 7th on this prelim, off by just one point…I told you how important one question is in a prelim like Delhi…From 9th class and 12th class..the team of Aditya and Mridul from Montfort School.

    So close .. yet so far

    • Ankit Bhattacharjee · August 29, 2009

      how many questions did u answer correctly dude???

    • akash · March 24, 2010

      yeah, those were pretty easy ,I was one of the top 6 finalists at delhi edition of 2008, guess the whole school was banking on me to atleast reach the finals, though the gogear and philips headphones were not pretty bad for securing a top position.

  5. Aditya · February 15, 2009

    @Mridul: You said it, mate.

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  7. Prateek Vijayavargia · February 27, 2009

    U beat me to this one, Aditya. I was just going to make an archive, but you did my job šŸ™‚ Good Archive. I will try creating one for the Finals.

  8. Aditya · February 27, 2009

    @Prateek Vijayavargia: Ha! But it is Shikhar, not me, who deserves the credit. He noted down all the questions and gave them to me.
    Even I am waiting for a good finals archive. There were great questions, and we knew so many!

  9. prateekv · March 4, 2009

    @ Aditya – Okay then Kudos to Shikhar! Yes, I will try to create one for the finals. BTW, the finals had some really easy questions. BTW even we missed Kingston šŸ˜¦

  10. Ankit Bhattacharjee · August 29, 2009

    will u please tell me how many questions is approximately needed to be answered correctly to qualify from in the the way, do they give options in the prelims???

    • Aditya · August 29, 2009

      No options in prelims. No options anywhere šŸ˜‰
      We got 15 correct, I think. We failed to qualify by losing only 1 mark šŸ˜¦

  11. Sagar v · September 1, 2009

    hey guys plz help me with this been working hard for about one month for the cochin edition.wat is the site that i should use to get the apt information….wikepedia has got so much information which is actually very confusing…so please help.i just want to qualify for the regional finals…any tips or any special IT companies or any IT personalities or websites i should watch out for…its urgent i have been working like 5 hrs a day for the past one month. hope u will help

  12. PULKIT KAUSHIK · October 31, 2009

    just came back from TCS IT Wiz 2009.didn’t get a rank,but vivek and karthik qualified!!! feeling really sorry for myself and aditya.Well,atleast aditya got a rank!

  13. Samridh Kudesia · November 4, 2009

    hey guys helloooz
    i samridh from seems that u all r quite experienced in tcs . can u pls recommend me sum good sites and which topics to lay stress on? i m in class 9. any chance of my qualifying for the finals of the lko edition according to u people?

    • Aditya · November 4, 2009

      There is no way to prepare for TCS. You have to keep your eyes and ears open throughout the year. The questions are very workable, and not really tough.

      • Aditya · November 4, 2009

        Just read a lot about TCS itself and current affairs (especially in the Indian context)

  14. Srivatsan · November 10, 2009

    Going today!
    WIll tell you the results later!
    I am in Coimbatore BTW!

    Thanks guys, this was a real help!

    • Aditya · November 10, 2009

      Please note the questions and share them.
      Join, a fantastic quizzing site!
      Best of luck!

  15. samridh94 · November 10, 2009

    i went to limca quiz today and missed the top spot by a mark.

  16. Techboy · December 27, 2009

    Hi friends , i found better questions for tcs in . Try it now…

    • Shreyans · January 7, 2010

      Nothing’s better than the original archive.

  17. Tech4you · January 6, 2010

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  18. Techboy · January 21, 2010

    Hello, i didn’t mean that is better than the archives provided here. I only ment that there are nice questions not better than the archives. Sorry for the inappropriate use of words .

    • Shreyans · January 21, 2010


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