Competition Success Review #7: Virus 2008

There was no quiz at Virus 2008, and I refused to go for surprise event. So Shikhar writes a guest post about Virus 2008, held at Bluebells. Take care that “Me” refers to Shikhar, and not Aditya.

Energy, nitro, acceleration and combustion- overall a high octane filled adrenaline rush powered by the brains of the members of this club.”

That’s how the ENIAC club describes VIRUS.

ENIAC here is not – Electronic Numerator Integrator and Calculator, but Energy NItro Acceleration and Combustion, the Computer Club of Bluebells International School. And with Virus, I’m not talking about malware but the annual computer event at Bluebells.

It was the first time that we were invited at Virus.

I called up Aditya the day we got the invitation-

Me- “Saw the events?”

Aditya- “Not yet.”

Me- “I’ll go for Short Movie and Digital Imaging.”

Aditya- “Alright, I and Mridul will go for the quiz.”

Me- “Er… There is no quiz.”

No quiz. Yes, Virus at BlueBells didn’t have a quiz. The second tech-symposium I’ve heard of without a quiz, the first being Techchamps at Maharaja Agrasen. Three years back they had 2 events- Digital Imaging, for Class VI to VIII [with MS Paint] and PowerPoint, for Class IX. So there was no other event where Aditya could go. Tough luck.

I started preparing for my event Short Movie. The topic was “Superhero Movie”. I thought of making a spoof on Star Wars and relate it to Malware. I had Lord McAfee as my hero, and the mighty Trojan as his rival. The fight took place on the XP Republic. It took 8 hours to make the movie (1½ hour acting time, 4 hours special effects, ½ hour media generation, 1 hour rendering time). The video came out to be quite good. Quite good would be an understatement, especially after seeing the works of other school students, but that comes later.

The day of the event came and we were ready to leave. Shakespeare Mrittunjoy had not come. We went to his class to call him up. He didn’t know he had to go. But we still brought him from his Maths class.

We started for Bluebells quite late, courtesy Shakespeare, so on the way I called up at Bluebells (the mobile number they had given in their invitation) and told them that we’ll be late so please register our school.

The reply I got was

“I’m sorry but my son doesn’t take his cell phone to school. I will convey your message when he comes back.”

We reached late but none of the events had started by then.

I submitted my Short Movie Entry at the registration counter.

Mayank and Mridul went for Programming and Mudit left for Audio Building (in Fruity Loops). Shakespeare Mrittunjoy went for HAM: Half-A-Minute.

Arpit and Aayush stayed in the hall.

The Short Movie event started. The schedule said that only the videos which qualify the prelims will be shown onstage. But all entries were shown because half of the schools didn’t submit an entry.

And this is a brief summary of the Superhero movie presentations I remember:

First movie was by Bal Bharti.

The best effect used in the video was Fade In. Yes, and that happened when a scene of two children (in school uniform) engaged in combat smoothly fades away to a give away a fight sequence from Final Fantasy XII.

Second was by some school I don’t remember (and I don’t regret it).

One could say that they did a great job by animating the characters Optimus Prime and Megatron, rendering them in full 3D, doing an industry standard compositing and sound-editing job, and getting Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox to act for them.

Or one could also say that they stripped off scenes from Transformers.

Next Up was DPS RKP.

I was expecting something good here. But I was turned out wrong.

The plot- A boy fails in his exams. Everyone teases him. His teacher takes him out of the class and tutors him. He tops in the class in the next exam. TZP2?

Superhero connect? Our teachers are the real superheroes.

After that came St. Xavier’s. They called their presentation “Urban superheroes” or something like that. During the entire video they had people jumping up and down the buildings. The special effect was application of grayscale tint.

The audience had already started to moan and groan.

After that my movie was shown. The crowd had started applauding halfway through the presentation. The judges were astounded by the presentation. It was very clear during the interjections.

Meanwhile in Audio Building Mudit was supposed to prepare a Superhero music theme. He cleverly copied the music from the presets and modified it. Judges were quite happy with the final output and they never noticed it. He could have won only if some guy from Bluebells hadn’t seen what he did and told the judges. I went for my second event digital imaging. The topic again was ‘Superhero Anti-virus’. We had to prepare an anti-virus advertisement.

During the prize distribution ceremony:

Announcer-“ And the awards for Short Movie are-“

Third prize is announced.

Second prize is announced. It doesn’t go to me.

Mridul- “Chal Shikhar. Tera award aaney vaala hai.”

Announcer- “And the first prize goes to Shikhar Gautam from Montfort school.”

We got 3rd prize in Programming. Mridul and Mayank go onstage to take their awards certificates. There was no trophy for 3rd prize.

In digital imaging I get 3rd yet again. The next time I ascend the stage, the principal remarks-

It appears that Montfort has great multimedia labs. Keep it up.”

Yeah. Ask anyone at Montfort how great our multimedia labs are. Anybody who has read the Oxford Computer Textbook for Class IX will say we have the best computer labs in the world.

THE Requirements

THE Requirements

By the time the event ended, we had an overdose of superheroes with each event having superhero as the theme (except Programming). The ENIAC club promised us an adrenaline rush. But the only rush I witnessed was the rush to leave the hall at the end of the event.


  1. Ankur Banerjee · February 17, 2009

    LOL at the multimedia requirements. Why don’t you put up the winning entry video? If it’s longer than 10 minutes, then there are other places (Yahoo! Video for example) which allow you to upload longer files.

    Virus did use to have a quiz earlier, but it was lame. They used to have a round dedicated to viruses. [lame]

  2. Aditya · February 17, 2009

    @Ankur Banerjee: I’ll have to ask Shikhar for that. But I tell you, it was a masterpiece.

  3. Aditya · February 17, 2009

    @Ankur Banerjee: About those requirements, out book actually mentions them. Unbelievable stuff. Our book also mentions Office XP and Windows 2000. So did these run at 4 MB RAM?

  4. prateekv · March 4, 2009

    @Aditya – Our school also got an invite for Virus 2008 (Surprise!), but we never went for the fest..due to some unknown reason 😦

  5. Mrittunjoy · November 29, 2009

    Good work. I am probably going for Virus 2009 just for going for some event this year. And I am not a ‘strikespeare’, Lord McAfee; would be better to tag me a mad boffin but no one’s ‘Bard of Avon’ here. 😀

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