Publish Your Blog Using Word 2007

When Microsoft released Office 2007, I was overwhelmed at all the things it could do, and it never ceases to impress me. Especially PowerPoint – it’s got those great reflection controls. It’s one of the best office suites for Windows I’ve ever used – except iWork, which is only for Mac OS X. Yes. Better than Symphony and

A great feature, this time from Word 2007, is blog publishing. Publishing a blog is just as easy as typing a document along with the ease of putting all those great headlines and super-efficient spell checking. So here are the steps. Follow closely!

1] Open Word 2007. Vista or Windows 7 users can type “word” in the search bar in the Start menu.

2] Click on the Office button on the top left corner.

3] In the menu, click Publish and click Blog.

4] A new document must now open. A dialog box will appear, telling you to register an account. Click Register Now.

5] Choose your blog provider now. A list of the common blog providers is already available; however, you may add another one if your blog provider isn’t listed. I chose WordPress, as your favourite blog Shadow Line is hosted on it.

6] Click Next. A windows will appear asking you to enter your blog information. Do so.

7] This is an example of the information which I’ve entered for my blog. Notice that the URL is, and not Do not forget to exclude the “www” part. It doesn’t work otherwise. Enter the User Name and Password. You do know that, don’t you. Don’t you? Don’t you?!

8] Click Picture Options if you want to change the way pictures are posted on your blog – whether you host them on the blog server, or on another server. Click OK when you’re done.

9] Your Blog Provider will now be contacted to register Word with your blog account.

10] Success! Click OK to start blogging.


  1. prateekv · March 4, 2009

    @ Aditya – Useful post. I tried this out, and it worked. But there were still some editing problems. Nevertheless, a useful tool.

    • Aditya · March 5, 2009

      Blogging via Word 07 sucks big time when you publish pictures. There’s always a size problem. Its prefect for text blogs and stuff like that.

      • bentonabroad · April 11, 2009

        Word 07 does suck “My provider isn’t listed” and I’m self hosted so it gives me all sorts of sass. What program would you suggest?

        • Aditya · April 11, 2009

          Isn’t your self-hosted blog made via a blog provider which is already listed in Word07? For example, if your blog is hosted on WordPress, you can select WordPress and enter your blog post URL without including the “.wordpress” part.
          You can also try Adobe Contribute. CS4 is the latest version, and it is pretty good. I haven’t tried much of it, but its worth a try. You can edit web pages within the browser, thus enabling on the spot preview. Unfortunately, its not free, and it is a commercial application. You can buy it online for $199 (1360 Yuan). Er… it might not be available online for Chinese users.
          You can also download a torrent, you pirate!

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