The Hunt For CA-101

I’m not Ethan Hunt, CA-101 is NOT a secret code for any Halloween document, nor is this Mission Impossible: 4. It is this:

That is the CA-101. I bought a Nokia 7610 Supernova in November last year, and Nokia never gave a data cable with it. Losers. Why couldn’t they have provided one small cable and increase the price by a mere half-a-thoushand bucks, for a eleven thousand phone?

So I really needed a cable for this phone, as it had a 3.2 megapixel camera, and I wanted to check out the picture quality after transfer. Initially, it did look like it would get a universal mini-USB cable into it, but I was wrong. Thank god I didn’t buy a PlayStation Portable transfer cable.

Practicals ended on Friday the 13th and I thought this was the perfect day to hunt for the cable. I knew I would get it from the Mobile Store in Pitampura. So me and my brother (Adarsh) set out to buy one. I checked it up on Nokia’s official website, and saw that my phone needed a CA-101 type cable.

I chose an eco-friendly and highly economical transport to reach my destination. I cross the road through the subway, and approach the Mobile Store, with a familiar red-coloured banner.


Damn. It’s always open whenever I go to Pitampura – enticing me with a display of some of the most gorgeous phones I often dream about.

But now, its closed. But wait! There’s another one! Its small, but it exists! Yay!

I enter the mobile store with a floursih, with an aura of confidence. Let’s get this cable!

Me- “Bhaiya, wo Nokia 7610 Supernova ki data cable de do.”

Shopkeeper- “Sorry, bhai. Woh to hamare paas nahi hoga.”

Adarsh- “To kis se le?”

Shopkeeper- “Wo peeche uncle ki dukan hai, aur aage computer ki. Pata kar lo.”

Meanwhile, Adarsh quietly steals takes a nice glossy looking booklet, giving info about the latest Nokia phones. 7610 Supernova is a “Hot Pick”. Doesn’t mention anywhere that it does not come with a cable.

Sheesh, man! I was positive about finding this at the Mobile Store! But hope is still there. We go to “uncle ki dukan” which is just around the corner. Its a Vodafone store.

Me- “Uncle, woh Nokia 7610 Supernova <flicks phone out> ki data cable mil jaayegi?”

Uncle- “No. Nokia Care mein try kar lo. Kohat Enclave ke paas hai”

Me- “Pakka?”

He glares at me with a look sure enough to defeat a Basilisk, and so me and Adarsh set out. We return to the Mobile Store.

“Aage ek computer ki dukan hai. Koi A-C-C-E; aisee hi koi naam hai. Shayad ass-her hai”

I think it was Acer. Adarsh tells me to try out RPG, which is just nearby. No luck. He recommends Nokia care.  We decide to go to “ass-her”, which is indeed – Acer. No luck here too.

“O jee Nokia Cee-ere par try kar lo.”

Well, you see, we were in a fix. Mom had given us about six hundred bucks to get the cable and snack about. Now we had no cable, had no clue where we would find it, and we were hungry. Very hungry.

If we eat something here and go to Kohat Enclave and get the cable, fine. But if we eat, and don’t find the cable in Kohat Enclave, we’d in trouble. Deep trouble. It would hurt our ego, and my parents would never trust me for going out and getting something expensive. I tried to find out Nokia Care’s number, but Opera Mini did not render Nokia’s store locator site. Even Google search didn’t help, as I was low on battery, and Opera Mini drains it like I drain ginger beer. Yes. Beer.

Finally, Adarsh advised me to take a risk and eat. Then we’d go to Kohat Enclave via Metro (which is a road cross away), and try at Nokia Care. His arguement was that three people had recommended it, so certainly there would be some chance. I must admit it was right, but I knew he was doing it to eat something. Bad boy.

We ate dahi bhallas at good old and not-so-economical-now BTW.

BTW is associated with discerning consumers for Tikki, Bhalla Papri, Gole Gappe etc. The success journey began years back when Mr. Satiram Yadav thought of starting this business realizing the weekness of Indian women for the delicious taste of Tikki and Bhalla Papri.

And oh BTW, did you know BTW has its own site? It would be cool enough if BTW had its own Wikipedia page, BTW. And oh BTW, you can also order BTW stuff online!

After a snack, we rush to Metro, catch a train and off to… Keshav Puram. Adarsh’s mistake. Wrong platform. So we rush back to the other platform and this time end up at Kohat Enclave. We reach the Nokia Care centre, which (thankfully) has the cable! We were told it was new cable, and so its availability in the market was sparse.

Yay! We returned home, and tested the cable. It worked. Cool, eh?



  1. Tapas Trivedi · March 21, 2009

    Ye. Cool.

    Supernova is a good fone.

    What happened to ur N72 ???

    • Aditya · March 24, 2009

      Oh that’s with Dad. He needed a phone with an office suite. Unfortunately, the 7610 Supernova (which runs on S40) cannot install .sis files.

  2. Tapas Trivedi · March 21, 2009

    And BTW rocks. I know a few males who will do anything to lay their hands on all that chaat and everything.

  3. apoorv · March 23, 2009

    tough luck
    but u finally found it
    i said i would give it to u
    but u dint seem to be intrested
    but anyway
    u could have directly gone to gaffar market(karol bagh) or palika bazzar(cp)
    u could deffinetly find it there
    how is the picture quality and what is the price

    • Aditya · March 24, 2009

      So I really needed a cable for this phone, as it had a 3.2 megapixel camera, and I wanted to check out the picture quality after transfer. Initially, it did look like it would get a universal mini-USB cable into it, but I was wrong. Thank god I didn’t buy a PlayStation Portable transfer cable.

      See? I needed another cable. Not the PSP cable. It wasn’t anywhere. I searched many local shops. 7610 Supernova is a relatively new phone, so the cable is not available in the market. I tried at Gaffar.

  4. Shikhar · March 25, 2009

    Even my N85 uses the same cable. It appears to be the universal mini-USB cable but it isn’t. I tried inserting my PSP transfer cable in the phone but it didn’t work. Why couldn’t Nokia have the same transfer cable?

  5. apoorv · March 26, 2009

    the would not have the same transfer cable because they have to make big money out of it

    the production would barely cost Rs 100
    and the cable is sold for Rs 500 and so on
    nokia only gives a transfer cable with the , ‘n sereise’
    the wouldn’t miss 1 chance of making money

    i propose the best way is to buy a memo card reader thich will be around
    Rs 200(one of the best,which supports more than 35 types of memo cards)

    yes,it is true that it hill have some dis-advantages ,but still it is a good economical solution for transfering songs,movies/videos and other stuff
    even games can be transfered and then later on installed using the file manager of the device

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