School started a couple of weeks ago, and class 10th is already buzzing past at the speed of the Bistromathic drive. Definitely not as fast as the Infinite Improbability Drive :|. There is no time to even think about symposiums.  But even as I look forward to school everyday, its not the same as last year. Or the year before that. Its because of the Converge Clan. Nostalgia.

I was sitting in the computer lab today, attending the class, and I was suddenly overcome by emotion. I had spend a lot of time here with those Converge Clan guys.  It stills gives me pangs of sorrow in my heart, when I realise that I will never see them at school again – not in the school uniform at least. Arjun (that traitor!) left school to join DPS Vasant Kunj about a couple of years ago, and I did feel bad. But it was fun how I and Mridul vowed to beat him at quizzes. The fact that he never participated in any quiz, is another story. Arjun actually cleared two places for me (as a quizzer) and Shikhar (as a digital imager). His  exit from school for actually quite beneficial to us. But when all the others left this year, it was like real bad. I was feeling bad at the farewell itself. No Mridul will turn up, excited about a new Linus distro he installed. No Arpit, being picked upon by Bar-man. No Tapas, complaining about ProStreet screwing up his PC. No Aayush, discussing about the many flaws in Windows XP SP3. No Mayank, criticizing life in his endless vocabulary. No Mudit, who, hardly ever talked anyway. Its sad. Real sad.

I often recollect those times, when we had a smashing time while returning from a competition.  Especially that part, when, when Tapas shouted at this guy on a scooter, and he lifted both his legs up in the air, while driving. And also that time, when I was relatively new, I conducted Kaun Banega Crorepati in the vehicle. It was fun.

I still feel it will be difficult to adjust to the fact that none of them will be there to help me anymore, or the Converge Clan as a whole. It’ll be difficult to digest that. Mridul and me often used to plot against the Bee, while he was still quizzing, that is. (Oh, the “Bee” is this guy. Thats because when the name is pronounced, it gets “bee” in the end. So, the bee.) Many of the plans involved mixing “filthy liquids almost, but not entirely, unlike tea” in the refreshments.

I wonder all the time, what all of them would be doing now. Mridul would probably be finding out more about the Special Theory of Relativity, or still be playing Counter-Strike. Arpit would probably be chilling out with Grappo Fizz (his cousin) in some fridge. Tapas might have bought the new Core i7, or an Xbox 360, or a XFX Geforce. Mudit will be arguing with a McDonald’s waiter for putting cheese in his burger. Mayank will be writing a poem. Aayush would be playing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2.


  1. Mayank Singh · April 29, 2009

    Hmm.. First of all, I miss the Converge Clan as much as you do… Just want you to know that you and the rest of the guys are an integral part of the memories i have of my 14 years at school… With the likes of Aditya Salapaka and Shikhar Gautam around, the Converge Clan can only get better… I am sure we all will drop by from time to time to check on you guys….

    All the best for everything you do in life…

    P.S. I am not writing a poem… I am writing a book summarising my philosophies on various aspects of life… I know that is sounds rather lame and boring…

    • Aditya · April 29, 2009

      Hope its a good book. Will be an interesting read. And oh, BTW, Abhishek was at school today.

  2. Tapas Trivedi · April 29, 2009

    I aint no baddass rich punk mate . . . but yeah, ill be gettin those when the time is right . . . i hope you werent serving any purpose of mockery there though

    But rest assured, that was some senti post man. Good work.

    I hope you never get that perennial “I got bored with my blog a few months later” feeling which a lot of us have suffered . . . because this one eclipses all else. . . google pagerank 2 mate !!

    • Aditya · April 29, 2009

      Ha! I was simply joking, matey! No offense there. Honest. I’ll never get bored of my blog. Its fun. At least, CSR will keep it fuelled.
      Yee Hah! Google Pagerank 2!

      • Tapas Trivedi · April 30, 2009

        Atleast you were right about what mayank was doing . . . 😛

        Do temme any gateway updates you come across . . .

  3. Ankur Banerjee · April 30, 2009

    Good for me that I never drank tea at any event then, eh? 😛

    • Aditya · May 2, 2009

      Well, you can say that. 😀

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