Charsimatic Conversations #1

Starting now is (yet another) series on (you guessed it right!) Charismatic Conversations! Now these may be anything which may sound really funny and nice to me, and may sound really boring to you. But its fun, nevertheless. They maybe from anywhere – chats, books, movies, television shows, real conversations, or even with Thoughtspeak. Thoughtspeak is me, and not me. Its an individual that resides within me, and we talk to each other quite often, especially when I (and he) are bored.

Here goes:

{Chat: Between Mridul Kapoor and Me on the 3rd of December, 2008, Wednesday.}

me: r u using pidgin?

10:39 PM Mridul: no gmail
me: But I don’t think too many teams should go. {Talking about TCS}
so u used _bold_?
Mridul: same here
me: oh
i used font 😀
Mridul: no its * *
me: pidgin 😀
superior to gtalk 😀
10:40 PM loser 😀
katta 😀
i have ur code wars certificates
when will you take it 😀
10:41 PM Mridul: friday
english paper
me: aah
so how was the paper today?
Mridul: i will pass
me: tapas told me it was horrible
was it so bad?
10:42 PM Mridul: i mean it was quite an easy paper but i had studied much for it
skipped 3 chapters
me: 3?
Mridul: got a one mark ques… what is the main function of modem?
from a chapter i skipped and thought at least 1 mark i’ll score…and then..
10:43 PM me: conversion of digital signals to telephonic and vice-versa
MODulation DEModulation
Mridul: ma’am told to change the ques..
to what is a transducer
i Know That
me: aw man
10:44 PM Mridul: but unluckily.. the question was changed
me: i know that too
A transducer is a device, usually electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electromagnetic, photonic, or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy or physical attribute to another for various purposes including measurement or information transfer (for example, pressure sensors).
Bow to Lord Vader
Do you have a board on 17th/16th
10:46 PM Uhmmm… you there?
Mridul: you got it from wikipedia?
10:47 PM me: No
wikipedia got it from me


  1. arjun · May 10, 2009

    hah, nice ending 😀
    and why would you bow?

    • Aditya · May 10, 2009

      We were talking about Lord Vader, and somebody else, so I told him to bow. And me too.

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