Charsimatic Conversations #2

{Chat: Between Arjun Attam and Me on the 18th of December, 2006, Monday}

{Note: Do ignore my noob-iness. This chat is approximately two-and-a-half years old.}

7:56 PM hey u have mtnl broadband?
Arjun: yes
me: u know how 2 check monthly mb usage?
7:57 PM Arjun:
me: cool
how much did u have last month?
Arjun: about 800
me: u cant beat mine though
mine was 820
not event half month is over and mine is 413
Arjun: u wont guess mine
its 750
7:58 PM :))
me: burp
i’m feeling sick…
i vomit on the screen
Arjun: g2g
7:59 PM me: a yellowish-white squishy, juicy, yuck slime pours down
trickle tricle
Arjun: lol
me: and it reaches u
u lick it
yummy!!! u say
can i have sum more?
Arjun: yes u can
im full


  1. arjun · May 11, 2009

    i remember this one, had even posted it on my blog.

    • Aditya · May 11, 2009

      Yeah. Forgot to mention that in the post.
      And oh, you’ll see many of your blog stuff comin’ up on Shadow Line.

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