Delhi Dareport

I was travelling to Bengaluru from Delhi on the 16th of May (you all following @crytalunicorn on Twitter would know), and here is an honest review about the entire trip.

My flight was a Jet Airways DEL-BLR at six-thirty in the morning. I know. “Tasty food” bubbles pop up in my mind too, whenver I think about Jet Airways. Naturally, I left home by four and reached by five. This song was playing on my Xplod in the morning:

Alvida… Alvida…

Teri Yaadein Alvida

Ab Tune Keh Diya Toh


As if bidding goodbye to me. Sob. Sob. I’ll miss you Delhi!

Now,  Dad dropped me and mom off at departures. The airport was different than last year. Jet and many other flights are in Terminal 1D. Also, when you enter the airport, the check-in-cum-baggage-drop-off counter is just at your right, not inside another complex. Thats plus points, as it is easier to access than before. God knows about the commotion there during peak hours. I had a friggin’ morning flight!

I had three suitcases to drop-off, and I looked expectantly at the workers to lift them and put them on the conveyor belt. No luck. I did it myself, and cut my middle finger, which healed in twenty-five seconds. I tried to be extra-careful with the bag housing my PlayStation.

Now, to security check. When I was getting checked, one two three people were standing a millimetre behind me, which is wrong, as you should stand behind the yellow line. Naturally, the security guard ushered them away.

I put my wallet and phone in that tray and pushed it through. On the other side, I found it missing. It was not at its usual place, but with a police officer, who was examining the wallet carefully. There was nothing about the phone, which he could examine. After the tragic demise of my 7610 Supernova which suffered from a bad case of pneumonia, I am using a 3315. Back to the basics, I must say.

I went to that guy.


He-“Kya hai?”

Me-“Woh wallet mera hai.”

He-“Le le.”

Me-“Aur phone bhi.”

He-“Toh main kaunsa apne paas rakh ke puja kar raha hoon?”

After grumpy looks were exchanged between both of us, I finally got it back.

Next up, waiting time. Bad time. There are so many things to buy around you, and all at double the rates. Wow. There were about twenty-five minutes remaining for the departure of my flight, and my stomach was grumbling. My eyes fell on (Mmm!) 21 Baker Street. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes, but a sweet smelling bakery. Me and mom gobbled up a (very heavy) fruit cake and choco-fantasy each, when we realised that only fifteen minutes were left for the flight to take off, and we still had not received the boarding call. I rushed to the monitor up ahead and it said “Now Boarding”.


We ran out and found no boarding gates. I asked the Jet Airways Customer Desk and she told me to go down. Another change. The boarding gates are now on the floor below, and not on the same floor as the waiting room. We got down, went into the bus (a rather small one) and travelled nearly seventeen minutes on the runway to reach the plane.

Finally, we’re in (Economy Class) and there’s a JetScreen in front of me. JetScreen is Jet Airways’s in-flight entertainment touch-screen console. Movies, music, documentaries and flight information on demand. Obvoiulsy, it wasn’t working as the plane hadn’t taken off as yet. I read the in-flight entertainment guide, and was surprised to see a large number of movies on board! Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajini, Valkyrie, Dostana, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, etc. But, sadly, none of these were available in reality. On a second look at the guide, I found out that these were only on international routes. Only Billu, Fashion, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and a few others were there. Seen all. Now what? I settled with an episode each from Sarabhai vs Sarabhi and The Simpsons. Then I played some bowling and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The latter was amazing! It had all three lifelines! A virtual friend to whom you can talk to, was also there. It was great. Unfortunately, the headphones I was provided were faulty. Thankfully, I exchanged them for new ones. They definitely aren’t comfortable, but I had no alternative, as my headphone along with my iPod had been packed rather foolishly in some suitcase.

The food was good, but I was full to eat anything. Overall, the flight was comfortable, but the entire experience itself was not.

Landed at Bengaluru airport about a minute late. Thats okay. Got off from the aerobridge, and landed at a beautiful-looking arrival area. Baggage claim was a breeze, and I had all three suitcases in five minutes flat. Its good.

My rating of this plane experience: 3.3/5

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  1. Ankur Banerjee · May 23, 2009

    Copyleft is a bold move. You sure you want to do this – licenses aren’t revocable.

    • Aditya · May 23, 2009

      Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know much about this licensing stuff. I created and pasted this image so that anybody could quote (or take) anything without permission. I know it feels to be under restrictions 😐 I would like content to be distributed for the welfare of all, not just for increasing blog traffic.

      • Ankur Banerjee · May 23, 2009

        Creative Commons makes more sense. You can block commercial usage etc etc.

        • Aditya · May 24, 2009

          :O Alright, I’ll put up a non-commercial creative commons license then. What do I do? I just paste that “cross-dollar” sign?

          • Ankur Banerjee · May 24, 2009

            Go to It has a wizard to create the badge you want.

  2. Mudit Aggarwal · June 27, 2009

    I don’t think the Delhi Airport deserves a 3.5, I think it’s actually pretty awesome now!. If u r a frequent international flier like me, then Delhi Airport is actually pretty smooth and fascinating! Of course the security can b rough but u must plan ur flights 4 the afternoon so they r not in such a mood. Boarding deck is really cool. Going downstairs and then trying to look up and then u realise u hadn’t given a thought to the ceiling! That bamboo and mahogany and cherry mixture and the perfume prevailing in the very air conditioning of the airport.
    The departures are meant to b awesome if they r from IGI

    • Aditya · June 28, 2009

      It wasn’t the best airport around. 3.3/5 is a good score. It is pretty good. There should be more duty-free shops, though.

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