Charismatic Conversations #6

{Chat between Me and Arjun Attam on Friday, June 12th 2009}

“Comedy of Errors”

me: hi

Arjun: hello
me: so hows the college admissions goin on?
4:02 PM Arjun: havent started 😀
me: really?
Arjun: iit counselling tomorrow
me: :O
u alredy got into iit rite?
4:03 PM Arjun: i have the rank
need to choose my course and city tomorrow
me: which eye-eye-tee do u probably think you’re in?
Arjun: delhi
me: whoa
iit delhi–heard its the besht
did u update your facebook status abt the iPhone 3G S launch?
4:07 PM Arjun: no, i didn
why? :S
me: i thought mridul did
when i asked him, i got a negative
so i thot i saw u do it
but its not u as well
4:08 PM it was abt sum keynote launch
started driving?
4:09 PM hello?
Arjun: yes
4:10 PM what
me: started drifting?
Arjun: started driving?
no, i didn’t
i was probably rowing a boat in nainital at that time
me: what time?
4:11 PM Arjun: arey yaar
4:12 PM me: hm?
Arjun: hmm what
i dont know the time
and i didn’t post any status update about the iphone 3gs
4:13 PM me: thats okay
Arjun: 🙂
4:14 PM this has been a strange convo, is this a joke?
me: u got a 4 state rank in drawing?!?
its probably a comedy of errors


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  1. Ankur Banerjee · June 14, 2009

    Do you have to manually copy-paste ShareThis / CC?

    • Aditya · June 14, 2009

      Have to manually paste CC code in HTML.
      The “Add to any” share button is a button in my bookmarks toolbar. It automatically pastes the code into the post.

      • Ankur Banerjee · June 14, 2009

        Why don’t you add CC code to sidebar instead?

        • Aditya · June 15, 2009

          I tried to to do that. It didn’t work. Dunno why.

          • Ankur Banerjee · June 15, 2009

            That’s because in current version, you can’t add a widget of more than one type. That’s set to change from the next version. What you _could_ do is to consolidate all custom code into one text widget.

            • Aditya · June 15, 2009

              Gee. I never knew that! It never struck me! Thanks for telling me. I’ll try it out as soon as I get the time.

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