How To Set Up Your Printer In Ubuntu

Or, how to print effectively without any hassles in Ubuntu.

Step 1] Boot Ubuntu

Step 2] Make sure your printer is connected (via USB) and switched on

Step 3] Have two glasses of water

Step 4] Watch TV for five minutes

Step 5] Return to your terminal and start printing.

That’s it. No spoolsv problems, nothing. Ubuntu will notify about low-ink and out of paper problems. It also reads .pdfs and .docs, so there is no question of incompatibility anyway.



  1. Manish · September 2, 2009

    Is it really so easy? Nice 🙂

    Printers and internal modem are probably two things for which Linux has always been criticised.

    • Aditya · September 3, 2009

      Dunno about internal modems, but my modem works great even with USB. In the printer set up, step 4 is very, very important. If you miss step four, you will not be able to print.

      • Manish · September 3, 2009

        You might be having an external modems. External modems are usually not of much problems.

        Your works with USB? Mine also. I have a Beetel Router which has Broadcom chipset. cdc_ether is the driver which supports wide range of chipsts for which USB works. If your router chipset can be handled by cdc_ether then the USB will work.

        Step no 4? 🙂

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