A Wannabe And A Passionate Manchester United Fan

There was this Facebook note I stumbled upon, written by a certain Sagar Malik. It was about Man Utd/”Man U” fans. How a wannabe fan is different from a passionate fan.

If you ask a United fan which team he supports,
True fan: Manchester United or United.
Wannabe fan: ManU

A wannabe fan would ask people what time the match is, a true fan would know the time by heart- both IST and GMT!

A wannabe fan would only know about players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov.
A true fan could name the playing 11 AND the substitutes and the reserve team too, probably.

A wannabe fan would say that United’s manager is Alex Ferguson.
A true fan would say, “Sir Alex Ferguson”.

A wannabe fan would criticize the team during the match and probably abuse them too.
A true fan would be patient till the end of the match, and then be critical.

A wannabe fan would wear a Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal jersey because it looks good. (eg- Lekhi)
A true fan would die but not wear it.

A wannabe fan would say “Kal school hai, I can’t watch the match” (I have school tomorrow, can’t watch the match)
A true fan would say, “Forget the school, Its Champions’ League”

A wannabe fan would ask people “Who won?”
A true fan would remember the goals’ timings.

A wannabe fan would tell people he supports Chelsea if other people tell him/her to.
A true fan would never do that.

A wannabe fan would be convinced by Kop-supporting people that they should support Liverpool.
A true fan is oblivious to such situations.

A wannabe fan would like United because of a particular player.
A true fan would love United because of its history, its style-of-play, its enigma.

A wannabe fan only knows that United has won the title.
A true fan has rejoiced with the glory, and cried watching the memories of the Munich Disaster.


  1. apoorv · August 30, 2009

    this is really good ….i am convinced that i am a “wannabe fan”

  2. Mudit · August 30, 2009

    I knw that I’m a “true” Chelsea Fan now!!!!!!!! though I could not watch all of its matches. Wait till the end of exams to subscribe ESPN, Star Sports and Ten Sports

  3. amritgeorge · October 19, 2009

    this is bullshit..just knowing all the stats is not important..

    • Aditya · October 19, 2009

      This is a I-have-to-post-something blog post 😛

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