Competition Success Review #2: TCS IT Wiz 2009

At long last, TCS IT Wiz finally arrived at Delhi. It felt like the most awaited event of the century. Everyone was waiting for it. And it brought back horrific memories of previous year. I really didn’t want this to happen again. But fate had other ideas.

With the noticeable absence of Mridul, our quizzing team had become relatively weaker. Saumey (my current quizzing partner) is only in ninth-class (which was the same class I was in last year), and he is still raw. But he does have a remarkably wide knowledge field. had threads on TCS IT Wiz, and questions on how to prepare about it even before you could say “Giri”. I felt really amused at all this. Because you really cannot “prepare” for this competition. Its that knowledge of all previous years and current affairs snowballed into a large one.

Just the day before TCS (30th October) was Dad’s birthday, so I was up quite late. Next morning, I reached school all excited and jumpy. Meena Ma’am informed me that TCS guys had requested us to send thirty teams. That is not a typo. Thirty teams! Too much. We were sending six. Under no circumstances am I going to list them here. Before leaving, I took Sir Alex Ferguson’s aashirwad. It really helped, though the potency was a little low (he has other important matters at hand as well).

Shikhar and his brother turned up late. He claims he was late and his driver did Burnout-style driving to get him there.

Puts Paul Walker to shame

Puts Paul Walker to shame

School arranged only a Qualis for us. They obviously thought twelve people would sit comfortably in a eight-seater. With a driver.

Pictured: Comfort

Pictured: Comfort

This was the second-last image. I promise. Second-last.

So we stole Jaikishan’s Civic and Vedant’s Verna, and accommodated people into the Verna (the Civic was for return). It took a lotta time, and we finally reached the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

There was hardly any crowd. My guess was only four-hundred teams. After registration (and a quick chat with New Era guys), we made it to Dogra Hall, and grabbed seats. There was that usual survey and stuff, which could be exchanged for refreshments.

I looked around, and saw that the hall was full. But no people sitting on the floor like last time. Less people, better chances.

Giri made his trademark entry, and announced:

Due to overwhelming response, for the first time in the history of TCS IT Wiz, we are holding two prelims.

My heart sank. So there were a large number of people outside as well! Phew. My estimate was so wrong…

The prelims began, and it was easier than last time. We screwed up on that “decision engine” question, and wrote WolframAlpha, which was a common mistake many made. It was Bing. Saumey was excellent – contributing more than expected. He gave four out of twenty, which is quite good for a ninth class guy. He answered crucial questions like MNP and LinkedIn, which few knew. Kudos, kid.

Then we left for refreshments, and recession was visible. Pathetic food. Miserable sandwich, passable pattice, and, most importantly, Oyes wafers. Yes. OYES! The USP of Oyes was free points on cards, and ten would fetch us another Oyes! We immediately began collecting them, and accumulated eleven! Woot!

The second prelims were underway, and we waited forever. We were looking at the institute (where practically all of us wanted to be). Some kids had reached to the top of a building.

After a really, really long time, it was time to enter Dogra Hall once again. There was lot of pushing, and the entire stairway was jam-packed. TCS volunteers failed to control the crowd, which soon turned into a mob. Now, according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, a crowd becomes a mob if it breaks something. Naturally, the crowd broke a glass pane, much to the anger of TCS guys.

Meanwhile, Shubham and Arvind did something great. They entered through another gate (which was closed for us, dunno why), pretending to have lost a water bottle.

When we finally reached Dogra Hall, they had reserved an entire row for us. Giri returned, and announced the results.

For the first time,  we have had nine-hundred-and-nine papers to check! I don’t think any quizmaster has had so many papers to check before. First, the answers.

Saumey and I had pretended to have got only eight or nine correct. At the end of the answers, we had got fourteen. Not enough, I thought. Fifteen weren’t enough last time.

Before I announce the qualifiers, I would like to recognize the top ten teams. The team which finished tenth is…

The entire hall is quiet. Nobody even breathes.

… Aditya and Saumey Jain of Montfort School.


We went on to the stage to collect a t-shirt, a book and a Rubik’s cube.

Which class are you in?

I’m in tenth and he’s in ninth.

To the audience : I just found out that the level of quizzing improves so rapidly in Delhi. These quizzers are from ninth and tenth. Give them a round of applause!

I don’t remember the other teams, but Sopandev from DPS Dwarka finished seventh. What was really agonizing was that he had exactly the same marks as that of the sixth qualifier, but lost out on starred questions.

New Era qualified, but not Prateek’s team! Young Arnav and Apratim had. DPS Noida, who finished second last year, were also on stage. DPS R K Puram qualified yet again, with quizzers from ninth and eighth. That was something. Even Vivek Nair and Karthik qualified; they finished eighth last year.

The finals were really easy. We got seventy percent of the questions right. Especially in the connect round.

DPS Noida won the finals. It was a great experience for all of us.

On the return journey, Shubham disfigured my Rubik’s cube. 😦


  1. Srikanth · November 28, 2009

    ayaa.. I know how you feel dude… I somehow got linked here during my TCS preps.. I’m in Class 11 right now and TCS was about 4-5 days ago… Last year.. I didn’t prepare at all and made it into the top 6, where me and my partner sucked so bad that we got only 1 question in the entire finals. This year, I prepared and all that… but fell short of cutoff by one stupid question and got a T-shirt for coming in 8th >_<. Screw this.. I have one more left for it… God.. Oh yeah.. and btw thanks for the questions from the finals.. they helped quite a bit.

  2. Srikanth · November 28, 2009

    I’m a chennaite btw…

    And you’re blogs pretty interesting.. It’s a nice read…

    • Aditya · November 28, 2009

      Tough luck, mate. So, can you share some questions about Chennai?

  3. thesumitsingh · December 15, 2009

    Thank you very much.This will help me a lot for the preparation.
    Check out my site at

  4. Ajay · December 18, 2009

    Hi Aditya!

    Great blog mate. Nice written and lucidly expressed. My belated congrats on coming 10th. I attended the Chennai version of the quiz. I remember a few questions.

    1)The code name of the object was StereoBelt. Then came inventors, patents etc. What is the object referred to?-Sony Walkman

    2)A picture of Steve Jobs holdig a seminar. A screen with the words It’s Tru

  5. Ajay · December 18, 2009

    Somehow that thing got published automatically. I’ll continue the comment here:

    …A screen with the words It’s True! (with the ‘e’ slightly lower than the rest of the letters) — Apple announcement that they were going to change to Intel powered processors. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I slept through most of the finals lol

    When we went, our school wasn’t registered. So we had to do some calling to the teachers (which, as expected accomplished nil) and some extra fine acting (almost crying to get in lol) to get in. I don’t know if the Chennai version was better than the Delhi TCS, but the snacks certainly were.

  6. Sourav · April 22, 2010

    Its cool!!!

  7. Kunal Dharami · September 12, 2010

    this blog post will be useful for my preparation….
    Thanx for that

    TCS IT wiz is being cnducted in INdore for the 1st time…

    IT will be held on 15th sep 10

    I will post my experiences then….

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