Statistical Improbability

Originally posted on Linux4Indians.

I finished my Social Science pre-board yesterday, came home, and fired open Firefox. Facebook, Echofon, and Mail. Then I visited WordPress, and checked the Shadow Line stats. I hadn’t written anything new of substance (last post was on new year’s day), and didn’t expect anything magical. Just the regular, measly 300-odd page-views for the day.


Page Views For Thursday

Page Views For Thursday

Well thank FSM mom wasn’t home, or she’d think Social Science had finally taken its toll over my brain. Of course, this was a one-day occurrence. The Avatar Movie Review post. Probably some people had gone bonkers over the fantastic movie, and wanted to read about it. Of course, it didn’t stop me from tweeting about it.

But it happened again. Yesterday.

Blog Views For Friday

Blog Views For Friday

And is already happening again today.

Blog Views For Saturday

Blog Views For Saturday

This can mean only two things:

1) The world is ending because the Mayans are enraged with me writing giving a bad review about their movie.

2) I’m making it big in the blogging world! Yeah, baby!



  1. Ankur Banerjee · January 10, 2010

    Congrats! Where are they coming from, according to your statistics?

  2. Aditya · January 10, 2010

    Mainly the Avatar Review. But the homepage is doing well too. Dunno how.

  3. Pulkit Kaushik · September 15, 2010

    Erm..Where did the images go?

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