Valentine’s Day? Republic Day? Same Thing Anyway

O hai Indian readers. Happy sixty-first republic day to y’ all. My television picture tube has died, thus rendering me unable to watch any of that parade. Which was pretty boring last year anyway. Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. I simply hate BPL and Doordarshan. Things might change if Doordarshan will broadcast the Commonwealth Games in high-definition in 1080p. That is, if the Games ever happen. And even if they do, we’ll probably see poor organization in HD. I’d rather be watching Manchester United pwning Hull City in HD (which Europe watches in Sky Sports anyway).

But the main reason for this post was Twitter. You know, Twitter, that microblogging site that has taken over the world ever since Shashi Tharoor, Crater SRK and Bill Gates joined it. Today is Republic Day, and Google has a spectacular doodle. Way better than new year. Understandably, Happy Republic Day is trending on Twitter. But the reasons for apocalypse are clearer. It is not Mayans, but this.

Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends

So why Twitter? Why associate Valentines Day with India’s Republic Day, both of which have no connection whatsoever, apart from the fact that the former is fervently discouraged? Are you hinting at a Nehru-Lady Mountbatten relationship? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day is more than a fortnight away, and even if people are talking about it, it should have a different trend.

In other, completely unrelated news, Shadow Line reached a whopping three-thousand views mark yesterday. Thank you, readers! And especially to those who have subscribed to the RSS feed. I’ve already reached thirty-thousand views this month.

Reverting back to the primary topic, I’d like to welcome you, sir, to our great country.

Don’t ask me who he is. Figure out.


  1. Ajay · January 27, 2010

    Congratulations on reaching 30,000 views! Way to go man!

    I think there is a problem with your RSS Feed. I was not able to directly subscribe through the link in the blog. I finally did subscribe through Google Reader though.

    And what’s with The link there didn’t work. Are you planning to continue blogging here or is that domain under construction?

    Congrats again 🙂



    • Aditya · January 27, 2010

      Thanks for pointing out that RSS flaw! It was linked with my old blog name. The linux4indians domain is still under construction. It had started up, but went down. But I will continue blogging here, irrespective of any other domain I buy.

  2. Ajay · January 27, 2010

    Sorry for the complaint about the RSS. If I click on the headline animator, the RSS works fine. The other links don’t seem to work. Stupid of me, I should have checked it out first.

  3. Shreyans · January 27, 2010

    I too would love to see Barcelona demolish the others in full HD. But here in India, La Liga games are no longer telecast. So I’ll forget HD for a while and ope ESPN gets back the Messis and the Iniestas back to the Indian TV set.

  4. ♪Åκšhαt♪ · February 9, 2010

    DD is crap. Wish it could learn from China :/
    And 3,000 hits in a day? O.o

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