Endocrine Glands

There’s this kid in my neighbouring class (C section) known as Vinamra Shende. He’s an Assassin’s Creed fan, and a pretty good artist. Apparently, he was either getting bored to death while giving his science examination, or the pressure of tenth grade had driven him bonkers.

Bonkers in an… imaginative way.

Presenting the biggest WIN of the decade – endocrine glands!

Endocrine Glands

Endocrine Glands

I hope you guys like it. I was tagged with this on Facebook.


  1. Munish Gupta · February 3, 2010

    lol.. tht was kickass….

  2. agrim · February 3, 2010

    this is pretty old. 😛 this aint your friend’s art.

    • ♪Åκšhαt♪ · February 9, 2010

      Haha. You’re right. Just found 23 websites where the same pic is there. :p

  3. Slim Shady · February 3, 2010

    Darn u….
    i cant appreciate….
    dont mak fun of sum1’s wrk!!
    BTW it iz gud…

  4. Agrim · February 3, 2010

    no seriously, i’ve seen this like loads of time, in every smart answer group on facebook. 😛

    • Aditya · February 4, 2010

      You’re right. I talked to that guy, and he admitted it.

  5. Shikhar · February 3, 2010

    Nice work by Vinamra. Anyway, you can’t keep calling people fans of video games. Vinamra has NEVER played an Assassin’s Creed game. He has just heard it is a great game, and that is from me.

  6. ♪Åκšhαt♪ · February 9, 2010

    Nice……Im an Assassins Creed fan too, btw. Finished it on PC, the Bloodlines one on PSP and even the phone version 😉
    Couldn’t get my hands on AC2 though.

  7. ♪Åκšhαt♪ · February 9, 2010

    Um..take back the appreciation.

    and 21 more places on the internet.

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