Earth Hour

Today, my dear friends, is a nice time for payback. That’s right. Its payback time. To the environment! Today happens to be the day when we celebrate the Earth Hour. Its really simple, actually. Just switch of all electrical appliances for an hour (starting at 2030 hours local time till 2130). I’m planning to go out for a walk because I simply cannot bear the extreme heat in the house. I suggest you do that too. Arm yourself with that PMP of yours and do carry thirty bucks to buy a Kwality Walls ice-cream.
More than all the “I worry about the environment”, I’m interested in the stats. Last year’s Earth Hour was a success and studies showed the phenomenal amount of energy we saved throughout the world. Lets do it again, and give scientists something to work on, and spend all our taxes the government has given them.
Do note that turning off all electrical appliances includes your television set as well. Watching the IPL is not an excuse.
In other news, Manchester United is back where it belongs – on the top of the Premier League table. And Delhi Daredevils are catching up quickly in the other Premier League 😛
I would have thrown in some links and photos (especially of the famous buildings such as the Taipei 101 going black during the earth hour), but I can’t because I’m posting from my phone. WordPress’s mobile site is very, very basic. Too bad I don’t have an iPhone 😦
So long, people and hope we meet again after the Earth Hour, when you switch on your computer and comment on this post of mine, applauding my sincere efforts to help the environment. *smug look*


One comment

  1. AkshatB · March 27, 2010

    Actually, the earth hour website says its officially just for lights-
    But there is obviously no harm in maximizing the energy saved.

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