Send .jar / .sis / .sisx Files Over Bluetooth

Ever tried sending an installation file over Bluetooth, and got this message?

Still thinking that you can’t send such files over Bluetooth?

Now you can!

Nokia has a strict policy of sending installation files (such as .jar / .sis / .sisx) over Bluetooth. This is understandable, as some applications have been paid for, or some may even contain viruses (my old N72 has been infected with CommWarrior in the past). CommWarrior was one of the first known mobile viruses targeted at S60 mobile devices and spread over Bluetooth and MMS.

Now CommWarrior did use an ingenious method to transfer the .sis file itself over Bluetooth. It is not impossible, as even trusted and popular applications such as Lonely Cat Games’ SmartMovie have done it in their older versions. I have no idea how to transfer them directly, but there exists a trick so simple and brilliant, that you will laugh at the mere simplicity of it and curse yourself for not discovering it earlier. It requires no third-party software at all. Keep in mind, though that this trick works only on Symbian Series 60 devices. I have tested it successfully on the N72 (S60 2nd Edition FP3), the E63 (S60 3rd Edition FP1) and the E72 (S60 5th Edition FP2). For some reason, it does not work on S60 3rd Edition devices, the non-FP ones (such as the N73).

Right, so you have to understand the principles first. Basically, the Symbian platform allows the exchange of only certain types of files on over Bluetooth. The most important one (which we’ll use here) is music files. You know, that standard .mp3 ones. The reason you can exchange songs easily is because even if you bought a song, it is likely to be DRM protected anyway, and the receiver cannot play it unless he has the certificate on his phone as well. But the primary use of Bluetooth today is still to exchange (non DRM-protected) songs, because everyone on this planet likes songs. This is what we can exploit.

Step 1: Open the File Manager and locate the installation file you want to send.

Step 2: Press the left softkey (Options) and chose Rename.

Step 3: With the help of the joystick, navigate to the end of the filename and rename the .jar / .sis / .sisx part to .mp3. Hit the center button (or the softkey which corresponds to OK).

You will get a message that changing file extensions may bring about devastating problems, some of which include a) another Roland Emmerich movie; b) Rakhi Sawant deciding to have lunch with you; and c) the answer may no longer be forty-two (OMG!).

Step 4: Send the file normally over Bluetooth. Do all that usual stuff–check whether Bluetooth is enabled on the receiver’s device, and it’s not “hidden” and it’s in range, et cetera. (Fun fact: Did you know that the call button also doubles up as a shortcut for easy access to the send menu?)

Step 5: Here’s the fun part. The recipient’s device will have a notification that a message has been received (you know the drill).

Now when you open the “song”, Symbian’s Music Player will open up and refuse to play the file, claiming it to be “corrupted”.

But what happens next, is the most important part. You will actually have the option to save the darn file on to your memory card!. Why is that awesome? You’ll see.

Step 6: Close the player and delete the “song” from the Inbox (if you wish to). Open the File Manager and navigate to Attachments in the Phone Memory/ Memory Card (depends on where you saved the file in step 5). The folder may vary in older Symbian versions (it is Music in S60 2nd Edition devices).

Step 7: You’ll find that file there, with a tiny musical note beside it.

Hit the left softkey (Options) and rename it.

Navigate to the end of the file name, delete the .mp3 part, and rename it to .jar / .sis / .sisx whatever the extension was before.

Click OK, and…

… you can open the file, and begin installation normally.

Congratulations! You have successfully sent an installation file over Bluetooth! Now since this method is file-specific by no means, you can use it to send other files as well, such as the .avi ones to be played on SmartMovie. You see, although you can send .avi files over Bluetooth, you won’t be able to save them, as Symbian will not have any default application to run those .avi files. If you still watch movies on your phone in the .mp4 or .3gp format, you don’t deserve to own a phone.Seriously.

Please try this method out, and do tell me if it worked (or didn’t) in the comments section. Also, I would really, really appreciate it if you mention the devices you tested this on.

P.S: Didn’t the first line sound like those TVC Sky Shop commercials?


  1. PULKIT KAUSHIK · March 31, 2010

    WOW! So many screenshots?! They weren’t actually required…
    I figured out this trick two years back and have been using it regularly since then..

    And what exactly does this sports tracker app do?

    • Aditya · March 31, 2010

      Even I figured it out four years ago. There’s another third-party app, but that is another post.
      Sports Tracker (works only for GPS phones) calculates exactly how much you’ve traveled doing a certain exercise, and calculates speed and calories burnt.

      • Tapas Trivedi · April 1, 2010

        There’s something similar to it in the Ipod too . . .

  2. Tapas Trivedi · April 1, 2010

    I remember you telling me this trick 3 years (or was it 2??) years ago @ Exun . . . when you sent me that humongous collection of games you had on your N72 . . .

    • Aditya · April 2, 2010

      Yeah, the same one. I decided to blog about it.
      Isn’t the iPod thingy called Nike+iPod? But I dunno about the GPS support.

  3. Samridh · May 5, 2010

    Heyy how did u get those cell phone screenshots ?
    which software did u use ?

    • Aditya · May 13, 2010

      I used Screensnap. It’s free and good.

  4. abhishek · May 13, 2010

    awesome yar now i could easily do that thanks buddy

  5. Divanshu · August 3, 2010

    very easy and old trick..

  6. Rineez · August 16, 2010

    Some models do not allow changing file extension in the renaming.
    Only the file name without extension will be displayed for editing when you select rename option. Both the sender and reciever device should allow access to file extension for this method to work.

    • Aditya · August 17, 2010

      Like I said, works only on S60 models. S40 doesn’t allow renaming, unfortunately.

  7. mani2604 · March 25, 2011

    For S60v3/v5 devices, checkout the free Y-Browser app..!!

    It has BT-Obex option where u cud transfer any file extension widout any prob….

  8. T · July 10, 2011


  9. bing · July 12, 2011

    thank you! it was very very very useful!

  10. T · July 16, 2011

    thank you so much

  11. romie lee paguntalan · February 27, 2012

    where can i download bluetooth FTP and allow me to send it without restriction?

  12. Dedpak minj · March 28, 2012

    thanx bro!
    it realy works

  13. laka · July 23, 2012


  14. vinothdmw · December 29, 2012

    wat is this stupid…? get x-plore

  15. vinothdmw · December 29, 2012

    what stupid is this ? get xplore

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