Charismatic Conversations #8

This is right after Interface 2007 at St. Xaviers Raj Nivas Marg. Mridul and me just finished the quiz, and came first (yay!), but couldn’t get a simple question regarding Gordon Freeman. I had no clue who he was, and neither did Mridul, as we’re not gamers. Both of us don’t have gaming PCs (Mridul just got a good laptop for college, though). And Shikhar was scoffing at us:

Shikhar: You didn’t get Gordon Freeman?

Mridul: Kaun Gordon Freeman?

Shikhar: Woh Half-Life wala! He’s the most famous gaming character ever.

Mridul: Abe, sabse famous toh Mario hee hai!

A small Google search on the topic “GameSpot’s All Time Greatest Game Hero” should throw some light on the purpose of this post. Go figure.



  1. Shikhar · May 18, 2010

    The “GameSpot’s All Time Greatest Game Hero” poll was 2 years after this conversation, which actually proved Mridul wrong. Surprisingly the two finalists were Mario and Freeman. This poll also busted another myth, that popular game heroes need to be super-cool ninjas, assassin’s or soldiers. A plumber and a physicist from MIT, made it to the finals!
    BTW, Freeman, is not my personal favourite. I was actually with Snake, but he lost out to Freeman by 119 votes.

  2. Mridul · May 18, 2010

    Just crossed my mind:
    ” ‘Greatest’ and ‘sabse famous’ – is there a difference? “

    • Shikhar · May 19, 2010

      Yeah, there is-
      greatest /ˈgɹeɪtɛst/ adj: Superlative form of great; of major significance or importance
      famous /ˈfeɪ.məs/ adj: known and recognized by many people
      Look at these stats first-
      Mario: First appearance-1981, Game appearances- Over 215, Game sales- 200 million (approx.)
      Gordon Freeman: First appearance-1998, Game appearances- 6, Game sales- 20 million (approx.)
      Maybe you are right, Mario may be more famous. But Freeman has achieved this popularity with few game appearances in a relatively short time, and then can you win a poll if you are not famous?

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