Download And Install All Software You Need On A New PC

Apologies for a really long (and lame) title.

We’ve all faced the problem of a crashed computer. (Thank you, Windoze). And almost always, once in half-a-year your Windows machine will crash. And mess stuff up to such an extent, that you have to reinstall Windows.

After you’ve done that, you reinstall all drivers necessary, and you proceed to download all the other software you are used to. At bare minimum, you’ll need a browser (Firefox), a media player (VLC), media codecs (K-Lite), software bloatware for your iPod (iTunes), and so on. It’s highly impractical to download all setup files one-by-one (but that is what you do anyway).

What I had planned initially, was downloading all these files once, and storing them on a DVD. But again, it will be outdated soon. Then you’d install all those apps, realize they’re outdated, and update them manually again.

Here comes Ninite Easy PC Setup. This brilliant initiative by Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins ensures that you don’t need to do all that manual download and install stuff. Just download a custom installer, and leave your PC overnight. There are ~75 applications to choose from, and it’s really, really simple. Below is a screengrab of the website. Notice the clutter-free design and clear cut objective – select, download and enjoy. As you can see, nearly all popular apps exist. Four browsers, twelve media players, and even important stuff such as .NET Framework, Java and Flash.

Ninite Easy PC Setup

Applications I Download Using Ninite

The best part is that the entire process is unattended. Only one window is open – the Ninite Installer Window. You won’t even have to restart your computer. Be warned though. Ninite will install everything in the default path Windows installation path.

Amazingly, each installer you make gets a unique link, which you can share with others, or even keep with you for downloading the online installer for all these apps again. Of course, you can always store the installer…

Applications Download Page

Applications Download Page

There’s also a Pro service Ninite provides, known as Ninite Pro (how innovative!). It’s a paid service and costs $20 (Rs 950) per month. That is, in my opinion, quite steep. I still recommend it for use if you are an administrator in a school or office. Ninite Pro offers an offline installer, which works just like the one in the free edition – unattended usage. You can download a set of software on the offline installer, copy it to each computer’s hard disk, and sleep while they all install away.


Ninite Pro

Link to my customized installer (the software in the image above).

Do tell me about your experiences with this service in the comments.


  1. Pulkit Kaushik · June 1, 2010

    I prefer GOM rather than VLC.

    Is Tera Copy good? I use BurstCopy which is amazing.

    • Aditya · June 2, 2010

      Tera Copy is fantastic, though it does not significantly improve copy/move speeds. I like it, that is all. It integrates well with the Windows 7 taskbar, so I can see progress without actually opening it.
      I’ve never used Burst copy on my computer, but I’ve seen it in action.

      • Ankur Banerjee · June 2, 2010

        Not felt the need to use Tera Copy on 7. Tera Copy made massive file transfer speed improvements in Vista, not so much on 7.

        • Aditya · June 2, 2010

          For me, Tera Copy never improved file transfer speeds. I like it, that is all.

  2. Vivek · June 2, 2010

    Cool! I’ll try it the next time my PC goes BOOM! But I usually keep My Documents/Downloads in another drive, and update them manually by downloading new versions of the setups rather than updating the programs internally, unless it’s incremental updates. But thanks anyway…

    • Aditya · June 2, 2010

      That’s the point. You’d be updating nearly half the software when your PC goes kaput anyway. So Ninite is really amazing.

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