Xbox 360 Is A PlayStation Copy

Moments ago, a shocking discovery has been made, and ShadowLineTV is bringing you exclusive footage.

In a recent investigation, it has been found that Microsoft’s widely popular Xbox 360 (popular games include Gears of War, Red Ring of Death and Halo3) is inspired (or copied?) from Sony’s immensely popular PlayStation. Or, at least the name is.

If you notice carefully, Xbox 360 is actually X — BOX — 360. Or…


PlayStation 2 versus PlayStation Portable

Note: The PS2 and the PSP are two entirely different sets of consoles, rendering them incomparable. However, I was compelled to write this post owing to popular demand and rapidly dwindling blog traffic.

(Another) Note: I am NOT considering the PSP Go here. Doing that would force me to compare the PS3 with the PSP Go.

My previous gaming-console-comparison post had gone down well with the public. It’s time to write another post now!

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 is the most selling gaming consoles in the world. It was probably one of the first consoles that actually attracted the masses towards the field of gaming, and also helped boost economy, by getting games created for it. Currently, the number of games to be manufactured for the PS2 is negligible, and so the number of games already present amounts up to, approximately, one thousand and nine hundred.

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable has no record to boast about. It is not the best selling console, nor is it the best selling portable gaming console (GameBoy is). Further, it does not beat its primary rival, the Nintendo DS, in sales. But what actually save the PSP are the games created for it. It has captured the minds of the audience like never before. It was launched after the PS2, so naturally, the number of games made for it are lesser than the PS2 games.

Let the comparison begin, now!

Hardware: Both, the PSP and the PS2 have really nice accessories for them. The PS2 definitely scores over the PSP in this. While the PSP has an external camera, an external microphone, some others, the PS2 has hardware the PSP cannot dream to match – Guitars for Guitar Hero, EyeToy cameras for a motion sensing experience, SingStar external huge microphones for karaoke on SingStar games, and so much more. Plus, the PS2 also has USB ports for your USB sticks. The PS2 goes one up

Score: PS2: 1|PSP: 0

Graphics: The PSP may appear to have superior graphics, but the PS2 speaks for itself. Connecting a PS2 to a large TV will give you a fantastic experience. Many games (such as Transformers) support full HD graphics, running at a 1920×1080 resolution. The PSP is vibrant, but the detailing in graphics goes with the PS2. The PS2 goes one up again. Way to go, fatso!

Score: PS2: 2|PSP: 0

Games: Again, the PS2 scores. With over 1900 games, there are classics the PSP just cannot have. Ever. Though the PSP has Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and God of War: Chains of Olympus, the PS2 has so many excellent games: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Substance, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, God of War, God of War 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Burnout Dominator, Burnout Revenge!, Guitar Hero, etc. So the PS2 has some great games. But. The PSP is catching up. There is more scope of games coming up for the PSP than the PS2 now, and in the future. Resistance: Retribution, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Killzone Liberation, Need For Speed Shift, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines and so many more. The PS2 gets a one up here, for already existing good old games. The PSP gets a one up for great coming-up games.

Score: PS2: 3|PSP: 1

Portability: Although you can pack off your PS2 and take it anywhere, you’d always need a TV to play. The PSP definitely scores in this field. After all, “Portable” is the name!

Score: PS2: 3|PSP: 2

Looks: The latest PS2 looks slim and light, like a small novel. But, of course, the PSP is way better. It is light years ahead of the PS2. This is the reason for buying a PSP. You may say that “The PS2 isn’t built for all this blah blah”. Still. The majority of the public don’t care. Neither do I. The PSP gets a one up, to impress the chicks.

Score: PS2: 3|PSP: 3

Operating Systems: The PS2 has a Linux known as Linux for PlayStation 2 developed by Sony itself. It’s a great kit complete with keyboard, and runs an entire operating system with a hard drive and your 8MB memory card. It runs and Firefox as well. People saying Vista runs on their PSPs are effin’ crackpots. Those are animated themes, guys, not operating systems. It is not possible for obvious reasons. Although the PSP has Linux OSes ported to it, the PS2 has an official, stable Linux. The PS2 goes one up.

Score: PS2: 4|PSP: 3

Homebrew Applications: Involves mainly exploits and “hacks”. The PS2 does have exploits, but these are extremely complicated to use. The PSP, on the other hand, can run exploits easily, the most famous being firmware changes and ISO loaders, which is often considered as the main reason for PSP sale boosts. One up, PSP!

Score: PS2: 4|PSP: 4

Entertainment: The PSP has a built-in audio and video player, supporting many formats which can be converted from the original and loaded on to a PSP. The PS2, on the other hand, can run full length DVDs, even dual-layer ones. So one up for both.

Score: PS2: 5|PSP: 5

Connectivity: The PS2 has an Ethernet cable slot, so you can use your LAN cable to connect anytime for online play, irrespective of whether you have a Wi-Fi connection or not. The PSP has no Ethernet slot, but Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to access internet directly on the PSP via a Wi-Fi hotspot, which are increasing in number by the day. Even your home can be equipped with a Wi-Fi router. One up for both.

Score: PS2: 6|PSP: 6

Controls: The PSP has only one analog stick and one L and R button, whereas the PS2 controller has two analog sticks, and two L and R buttons each (L1, L2, R1, R2). This offers way better controls in games. Let us take an example of EA Big’s Fifa Street 2 and NBA Street V3. You use a combination of the L and R buttons to do tricks. In the PSP only three types of tricks will be possible (L, R, L+R) but in the PS2, many more are possible (L1, R1, L2, R2, L1+R1, L2+R2, L1+R2, L2+R1…). PS2, one up!

Score: PS2: 7|PSP: 6

Game Detailing: The PS2 has better graphics, better physics, and better rendering and detailing for games for the PS2. Games are generally sold in single- and dual-layer UMDs (0.9 and 1.8 GB) for the PSP and DVD5s and DVD9s (4.7 and 8.5 GB) for the PS2. The sheer capacity of the PS2 DVDs is enough to tell you how much detail can be packed into PS2 games. You may say that the resolution of PSP games is designed to fit a much smaller screen, but a 3.8 GB difference is a bit too much. Take an example of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The PSP version is sucky and buggy. The PS2 version is just so breathtaking and captivating, you can easily see the difference. One up for the PS2

Score: PS2: 8|PSP: 6

Piracy: Pirated games are bad, people. But we don’t care, do we? The main reason the PSP sells is the easily done piracy. The PS2 can be modded to play games for any DVD region as well, by fixing a mod chip. No need to do all that hardware mumbo-jumbo with the PSP. Just put in a cracked firmware and done. The size thingy mentioned above actually becomes a disadvantage for the PS2 when it comes to piracy. Who has the patience to download a 4.7 GB DVD ISO and then burn it on to a DVD, with no guarantee that it will ever work? I’m currently download God of War for my PS2, and is has taken me 1 day 14 hours continuous, to finish 64% of download. PSP games will finish downloads overnight. And there is a near 100% guarantee that it will work as well. One up, PSP.

Score: PS2: 8|PSP: 7

Future Scope: This is where the PSP can kick the PS2’s big fat ass right out of the window. Portable gaming market is growing. Fast. The PS2 already has a successor – the PS3, and games for the PS2 are being made only for the sake of reaching more customers, since the PS2 has been the most selling console of all time. However, PSP games are made more enthusiastically these days. Reviewers no longer bother to review PS2 games, but do so for PSP ones. Although the PSP has a successor now (the PSP Go), Sony has made it clear that it will not discontinue support for the PSP-3000. Plus, remote play via the PSP with the PS3 is an added advantage. One up for the PSP.

Score: PS2: 8|PSP: 8

That brings us to the end of all sections! As you can see, the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable are tied at 8 each. But that does not mean, that we don’t have a winner or a loser.

Who wins: Sony does. Irrespective of what you buy, Sony will emerge as the winner, getting revenue from both console sales and game sales as well.

Who loses: Your parents, whom you will nag till eternity to buy a console.

Buying guide

I am a hardcore gamer with limited budget. I want to play games which are flawless with no technical glitches whatsoever.
Buy a PS2. Games for the PSP generally have coding errors, and have certain technical glitches

I don’t really game much, but I do play occasionally. I mostly listen to music and watch movies on-the-go. I don’t want to have an iPod and a gaming device always – just one.
Buy a PSP. It has a great interface for seeking videos, and a really good audio player.

I’m into the ninth/tenth grade, but still love gaming. I cannot afford a high-end PC.
Buy a PS2. Games for the PS2 are numerous, and more games won’t release anyway, so there’s no question about getting addicted to the new games. A PSP will cause a major distraction now, when you should spend all your time studying.

I game, and want to impress the chicks!
Buy a PSP. Girls fall for it. They’ll love it and, in turn, love you as well. This is, I feel, is the main reason why gamers buy PSPs.

I want to play good, old classics.
Buy a PS2. It has great games, with fantastic trilogies and series, such as Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Shin Megami Tensei, Final Fantasy, etc. The PSP has great games as well, but not such series to die for. Also, you can play memorable classics such as the PS One game Chrono Cross on your PS2 as well.

I want to play the latest games. Get the latest game reviews as well.
Buy a PSP. All major games releasing for seventh-generation non-portable consoles will release for the PSP as well (with the exception of a few). Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Need For Speed Shift, Resistance Retribution, etc will never, ever release for the PS2. Ever.

I am a hardcore gamer with unlimited budget. I can buy all original stuff and keep the cash flowing like water.
Then buy a PS3. Or an Xbox 360. And a PC. You may buy a PSP for remote play with the PSP. Read this for more.




Sony PlayStation 3 vs Microsoft Xbox 360

This is a hot debate to talk about and here is an honest review/comparison between both of them. Let’s see who wins in the end. Here are the features for both of ’em.

PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison Chart

Click for a bigger image

Obviously, as you can see, the PS3 is better than the Xbox in every respect. Power, processing, graphics, you name it. Even the average units sold per day is more than the Xbox. Considering the games released, all the Xbox games are war based – Gears of War, Halo 3, Bioshock. But the PS3 games have variety such as Afrika. Looking at the fact that the Xbox is 16 months older than the PS3, the titles should be even more exciting.

Even in the power supply, the Xbox has a huge and bulky brick, and the PS3 has an internal one, and only needs a cable.

The storage capacity is nearly 10-15 GB more than the Xbox, so that more detail can be added to it.

As noticed in the chart, you have to pay for everything in the Xbox – External HD-DVD Player, HDMI Cable, Internet Access, Wi-Fi adapter, etc. But in the PS3, you get everything for free. You only gotta pay a mere $44 for a Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller, to have vibration as well as Six-axis motion sensing, which the Xbox misses. That is one way in which the Xbox 360 triumphs over the PS3 – vibration. Sony claimed that it would interfere with the vibration.

The Xbox 360 has so many technical problems, that it is often referred to as a time bomb by many. It explodes due to overheating. But a core worth 3.2 GHz is left unused in the PS3 for just that – bearing overload and preventing a blast. The PS3 is also sturdy. I’ve heard about friends moving their PlayStation 3s from one place to another by air, and it worked perfectly. I’ve experienced the same with my PS2.

If I were you, I would buy a PS3. I wouldn’t mind spending extra money for some awesome features and superb glossy black look.