Revo Uninstaller

There are times, when you want to re-install a trial version, but when you do so, the trial period does not reset itself 😦 How to do this, you ask? You can delete the registry entries, you may answer.  But here comes in Revo Uninstaller. It uninstalls programs and also deletes their registry entries, and also the files associated with it. It cleans up the registry, and also frees up some space.

Get it from here. They also have a portable version (in Zip format), and also a self-extracting archive.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use Revo Uninstaller.

1] Install/extract. Now fire it up. Allow it to scan all the installed applications.


2] Search for the app to be uninstalled. I wanted to get rid of avast! Antivirus. So, I type “av” in the search box, and here it is. Click on the app, and click Uninstall.


3] Now, the uninstall window opens. Notice the various modes. I chose Advanced, and clicked Next. It does the most thorough scanning, and is “the slowest mode”. Okay, its not that slow. It does get slow while uninstalling space-consuming apps, such as Adobe Master Collection CS3. Took me nearly three hours to get rid off that one.


4] This is the window that opens next. Revo first creates a System Restore Point, then “Analyzes the applications data before uninstalling it”, and now it starts “the application’s built-in launcher”.


5] Here it is. I continue with the uninstallation (hoping you already know how to uninstall an app).


6]After its over, you return to the window in step 4, and click Next. It was disabled earlier, but it’s enabled now. That leads you to the next window here. This is the scanning process for the registry and leftover files in the hard drive. After its over, click Next.


7] Delete the registry keys…


8] …and also the leftover files!


It’s all over! Yay!

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  1. · January 4, 2009

    Wow, thanks for your suggession I never would have seen that had you not mentioned it.Download blog thems at its free site and many more………

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