Cool eBay Items

There are these really great items at eBay, and are priced at exorbitant rates. However, if you find some of ’em cool, and have enough money, just by them or inform me.

1) Ultra Rare 20th Anniversary Mac

Apple manufactured only 12000 TAMs (Twentieth Anniversary Macs) and held 399 of them for spare parts. The remaining 11601 were sold only in five countries: USA, UK, Japan, France and Germany.

Price: $900 (Rs 39,332)

2) Steve Jobs Bobblehead iPhone Dock

This is a cute little iPhone dock to charge your iPhone/iPhone 3G with our beloved Steve Jobs standing beside in a Macworld-keynote style posture.

Price: $89.99 (Rs 3,943)

3) Every NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Game Ever Released

This seller is offering a collection of all the 700 NES games ever released along with an NES System and all posters and warranty. It also includes California Raisins and Final Fantasy II, two games never released for the NES as they were already out for the SNES.

Price: $3800 (Rs 1,66,520)

4) PlayStation 3 Bundle Signed By Metal Gear Solid 4 Cast

This is a rare item at eBay. A brand new PS3 signed by the MGS cast. It has never been opened, so it’s brand new. It also includes seven CDs containing soundtracks of previous MGS editions.

Price: $599.99 (Rs 26,417)

5) Limited Edition Dark Knight Xbox 360

You’ve seen the movie, now you see the console. Microsoft has released this special edition Dark Knight Xbox 360 for a whopper of a price. But the strange fact is that even though the Xbox 360 is cheaper than the PlayStation 3, The MGS PS3 is cheaper than the Dark Knight X360!. Still, it looks great.

Price: $1200 (Rs 52, 834)

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  1. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Cool items!

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