3D Analyze: Virtual Graphics Emulator

I decided to check this out as soon as I heard about it. This beauty of a software helps us to play games which require graphics cards. Games such as The Matrix: Path of Neo (requires nVidia) I always wanted to play, now run on my PC efficiently. Earlier my PC specifications were


Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz)

Onboard Graphics Card (Intel) with 64 MB graphics memory

After applying 3D Analyze, it has now changed to:


Pentium 4 (2.4 Ghz)

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra with 128 MB graphics memory.

You can get the software from here.

After installing, fire it up. You should see something like this.

Click for a high-res image

Now click on Select and choose your game EXE file. I chose Quake III Arena – a game released way back in 1999, but still gives many machines a run for its money. At high-end graphics settings, it can be quite a challenge for the computer to render the images, but at the same time, really breathtaking for the user.

Click for a high-res image

Click for a high-res image

After the file gets loaded (which is pretty quick), all you need to do is set the desired settings after the options become available. I think Quake III works best with the following settings.

Click for a high-res image

Click for a high-res image

Notice that VendorID is set to 4318 and the DeviceID is set to 816 – meaning that the NVIDIA GeForceFX 5900 Ultra graphics card is selected. Refer to the key given beside.

Now, click on Save Batch File! at the bottom of the window to save the settings. I do not consider this step to be important, as you can get the settings back after selecting the EXE once again, but saving batch files of numerous games in one folder can help in locating them quickly.

Now click Run and play!

I even set the resolution to 1600×1200. And it runs smoothly! Before it used to crash to the desktop

Click for a high-res image

Click for a high-res image


Thanks to Alok, I was able to obtain a list of games that work with 3D Analyze. Comment if it worked, or didn’t!

Update 2

Need. For. Speed. Carbon. Will. Not. Work. With. 3D. Analyze. And. Neither. Will. Need. For. Speed. Undercover. Or. ProStreet. You are free to try and experiment, though.




  1. apoorv · September 2, 2008

    this is wicked man
    a 128mb graphic card for free a clear save of about 3500 rupees
    apart from this man this blog is one of the best and one of the most informative i mean who could have imagined a 128m8 graphic card for free
    moreover the review,s of the blockbuster movieslile fung fu panda in seally gr8
    i am really looking forward for the reviews of movies like scarry movies ,the dark night and hancock.
    i am also looking forward to some more tips like the above
    tips for linux is also required
    moreover i would really like if u add softwares info and tips about hacking which ic still missing
    and also some more hardware tips and product reviews a section teen info is also necessary(about different filmstarsand famous teens)and also reviews and price of newgood books
    i hope my suggestiong will help u
    you have rocked

  2. Alok · September 8, 2008

    I need help on the settings of 3D analyzer for Matrix Path of Neo. I have onboard graphics,512 MB Ram,3.0 Ghz processor. I have cracked version. But still not working. Please reply.

  3. Alok · September 8, 2008

    also whenever I start game a white light is seen and then nothing happens.Please help

  4. imptodef · September 8, 2008

    @Alok: See. All settings differ from one PC to another. 512 MB is really not a good idea to run The Matrix: Path of Neo on an onboard graphics card, as these are the minimum requirements. It will suck 128 MB as virtual graphics memory from your RAM and leave you with 384 MB of RAM, which is not enough to run The Matrix: Path of Neo.
    The person, Apoorv who commented before you, has same configurations as your PC, but has a real, physical NVIDIA 128 MB Graphics Card and has no problem in running Path of Neo.
    It ran pretty well on my 1 GB RAM PC though.
    To avoid more difficulties, go to http://www.systemrequirementslab.com and attempt the “Can You Run It?” after choosing The Matrix: Path of Neo from the list and see what’s missing.

    • Kumar Arnav · April 4, 2013

      heyy.. i need to run devil may cry 3 special edition on my pc.. i have a 2 gb ram, 256mb graphics onboard, 2.5 ghz dual core processor.. what should i do to run dmc smoothly

  5. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Ok I will replace my 512 MB Ram card.My brother’s computer has 1GB Ram.We will exchange our Ram. Will that be enough – 1GB of ram?.Also about the cracked version – is it because the game is a fake that the white light appears or is it because of my poor graphics power?Again,thanks for the help.

  6. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Will I have to unplug my DVD Drive because I have earlier used Starforce nightmare and a lot of programs but almost for all gamers in the gaming fraternity,all those programs dont seem to work.Also I have “not” ripped my game into iso image.I had done that several times earlier and used Daemon Tools 4.00 with all emulation on but still it does not seem to work. Now I feel the cracked version (not using the iso image) would be better. Also could you please tell me the Pixel and shader settings for the game in 3D analyze. Also did u use the real DVD or the pirated DVD. I will really appreciate ur help.

  7. imptodef · September 9, 2008

    @Alok: Yes, replacing the RAM card will do the trick. On my Laptop, The Matix: Path of Neo fails to run even when is has an ATI Radeon 128 MB card, because it has only 512 MB RAM. When you plug in a 1 GB RAM card, 3D Analyze will use 128 MB of your RAM plus your onboard graphics memory. Then you will be left with 768 MB RAM. 512 MB will be used for running the game, and the remaining 256 MB will be used for other background processes. This will ensure proper playback.
    Before exchanging your RAM with your brother’s, do ensure whether the RAM is DDR1 or DDR2. I have never heard of a motherboard having a <128 MB onboard along with DDR2 RAM support. However, I may be mistaken! If your motherboard does not support DDR2 RAM, you may end up burning it up.
    Also ensure that your brother will be able to work in 512 MB RAM.
    1GB RAM will be more than enough.
    There is no problem about the DVD Drive. I have used the original DVD as well as the emulated version. Both of them worked fine.
    As far as the pixel shader is concerned, any setting will do. I checked “force max pixel shader version 1.4” and “force low precision pixel shader”. I think these should do.
    Also, I would recommend using an emulated .iso or .mdf mounted on a virtual drive as the access rate will be faster. Loading times will be less.

    • Albert · August 17, 2009

      Plz… tell me all the settings for running matrix path of neo…
      My configs are Intel core 1.73 ghz processor, ram 1.5 gb & 128 video memory

  8. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Thanks for the advice.But the problem is most probably my brother wont give me his ram – He will say he needs it. He is studying in BITS Pilani in Rajasthan.Even though he only uses computer for downloading games & movies from the net he will refuse my request.He plays games like crysis and all other 3D games on his friends computer so he actually doesnt reqiure much ram but even then I am sure he wont give me his ram. And my father wont buy an extra 512 MB Ram stick because he doesnt want me to play games.Why I am saying all this is because I read the comments that our friend apoorv got a 128MB graphics card for free.I want to know how and whether there is anyyyy possibility for me to get one.It might be my last hope to play decent 3D games.Again,thanks for ur help & I like ur blog-Its informative & I liked the review on Kungfu Panda and N96 and I hope you will write a review about the Iphone. YOU ROCK man. I consider myself lucky for having got a glimpse of this blog otherwise I would have never seen it.

  9. Alok · September 9, 2008

    And i live in Kerala.So most probably it will be atleast “a year” before he comes back for his vacation and hopefully brings his ram.So I really need ur help.

  10. imptodef · September 9, 2008

    @Alok: Thanks a lot!!!! I hope you’ll spread word about my blog to others. I’m considering buying a domain and host this blog on it.
    Well, playing games depends on your age. If you’re a teen, then it’s fun. Why don’t you try out Enter The Matrix, which is another good game, and has decent configurations and cool graphics?
    The cost of a graphics card depends upon your motherboard. If you have an AGP slot (black in colour) the graphics card will be cheaper. However, buying a card for a PCI Slot (white in colour) will be more expensive. Why waste Rs 3500 for a mere 128 MB card and an additional 2000 on a 1GB stick? Why don’t you buy a console? Like a PS2 is cheap and has a decent game collection. Or wait for the PS3 prices to fall and buy that.
    Even if you exchange your RAM card, your brother will find it difficult to adjust. I presume he must be using torrents to download movies, and BitTorrent and Azureus (or Vuez) do take up a lotta memory.
    And about the iPhone, I’ve used the old 2G version and used the 3G one only for a mere 15 minutes. I think I’ll get one from somewhere for sometime and write a review.

  11. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Yes u r right – He downloads using torrents.Yes I have a PCI slot and thats good if you have an expensive graphics card.Buying a PS2 and a graphics card is out of the question not because I dont want to but my father wont buy one. So I am stuck with my 512 MB Ram.I will ask my father to buy me a RAM stick – In any case even 512 MB Ram is not enough nowadays due to the arrival of Vista ( with AERO effects ).So sometimes he might buy me one. Yes i wil try Enter the matrix. Thanks for ur help – I will recommend this blog to others and best of luck in ur endeavour to buy a domain.

  12. imptodef · September 9, 2008

    @Alok: Don’t even think of getting Vista. You might be tempted about it, but don’t go for it. I advise you against it. Try Ubuntu Linux instead. With 512 MB RAM, it’s a dream. Has better effects than Vista, with the inclusion of CompizFusion.

  13. Alok · September 9, 2008

    No no u dont get the point. I am not going to use vista.I am a supporter of open source software like linux just like u but I still use XP because things like setting up net connection and a lot of other things are easier in XP than Linux. My brother has UBUNTU – he is one of the open SourSoftw loving guys and I know it has got a hell of effects and good themes and styles and all but its user compatibility and compatibility for games is not as good as XP. I am just going to tell my father it is important to install VISTA in the pretext of buying more ram and ofcourse I will never install VISTA. XP is much better than VISTA.Everyone is content with VISTA.I only have remorse in cheating my father.Actually I hate VISTA.
    PEACE to u 2

  14. Alok · September 9, 2008

    Sorry I was going to say “everyone is content with XPand not VISTA”.

  15. Alok · September 9, 2008

    I read ur blog on why everyone should use LInux – Even though I have never use Safari or Itunes – because I never felt the need,I agree with u.I like Linux because somehow it makes me feel “free” just beacuse of the fact that it is open source and and that I can do anything with it – distribute it to others etc. It is undoubtedly the best option if u dont want XP. My brother has skipped XP and is using Linux and I think he is completely satisfied with it even though he has XP in his system as an alternative (just in case).And the newer versions of Linux are becoming more and more compatible and better.

  16. Aditya · September 9, 2008

    @Alok: Nice, you have a lot of info about the tech world. But please, don’t cheat on your Dad. Whatever he may be doing, he’s doing it for a good cause.
    And about compatibility, run CrossOver Linux for software and CrossOver Games for Windows apps on Ubuntu.

  17. Alok · September 10, 2008

    Yes u r right.I guess I must buy my own gaming rig when i am old enough.But that seems a long time away.I am just 12 yrs old.

  18. arjun · September 23, 2008

    i am trying to install company of heroes.. and when i am trying to install , it gathers system information and says , pixel shader is not found or not supported. i have the latest motherboard and intel dual core, but i don’t have any graphic card, will 3D analyze help in installing the game? plz help me out.. can u please send a mail.

  19. arjun · September 23, 2008

    Thanks for your mail..
    is it ok… if i dont have external graphic card..

  20. indheevar · September 25, 2008

    Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, u r a true nice fellow, supporting the youngsters to use Linux…………………………… U r very informative too, nice work. I get what i need from the above conversation.

    Thankyou dude


  21. Aditya · September 25, 2008

    Gee, thanks.

  22. arjun · September 25, 2008


    there is a problem aditya…. i think i can’t install…..
    i have mailed u regarding the error….
    it says cannot copy…

    • Xevera · August 25, 2010

      sir can you help me how can i run requiem: alive, with the help of 3D ANALYZER

      here is my pc specs:

      Windows Xp SP 3
      Amd Semprom(tm) 2200+,
      1.50Ghz, 1.00Gb of RAM
      GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X, 64Mb MB
      1440×900 (32 bit) (60Hz)

  23. tarun · September 28, 2008

    hey can you give me the graphic settings needed for playing cold war 1 and call of duty one

  24. Aditya · September 29, 2008

    @tarun: I dont think there’s any need for 3D Analyze for CoD 1 and CW 1. The Quake III settings [mentioned in the post above] should do.

  25. rumais · November 12, 2008

    i have intel 915G/82915g express chipset 128 MB internal Vga card and 1 GB of ram. how to play matrix path of neo

  26. Aditya · November 12, 2008

    @rumais: I used same as those in the images in the post. It worked well. In fact, many games work with the above settings. But do remember to reduce the quality of graphics in the game.

  27. tim · November 26, 2008

    do you know of any 3d games that I can use 3d analyze for my system. it’s an older toshiba satellite laptop. model 2805-s302. 384 mb ram. s3 savage IX video with 8 mb ram. I know it’s rather old and the specs are pretty weak. I am just trying to see how far I can push this system.

  28. Aditya · November 26, 2008

    @tim: Sorry, man. 384 MB RAM is too less. 3D Analyze will suck up 128 MB for graphics, and leave you with 256. No latest game can run. Build a gaming rig this time. You should have some good shops in Pennsylvania.

    • SEXY · February 8, 2014

      how are you

  29. tim · November 27, 2008

    thanx for the clarification. On another note. would you please email me and let me know why you think I am in pensylvania. I have been having a problem with someone phishing my info. no critical info but I do wish to pursue them and put a stop to their activities. sorry about the offsubject post. you can delete if you wish but please email me privately.

  30. Kaneshiro · December 9, 2008

    i can played devil may cry 3 SE dante’s awakening with 3d analyzed…but make sure u click on 100Mhz…unless the game won’t run.running the game trough the batch file u’ve made….

  31. Sampath · December 14, 2008

    hi man i have GMA 3100 128mb vram,Core 2 duo E7200,1GB ram,G31 chipset
    what are the 3D analyze settings to be used to run the game smoothly
    plzzz reply

  32. Sampath · December 16, 2008

    i wanna run nfs pro street

  33. Aditya · December 17, 2008

    @Sampath: Pro street is heavy. And i tried to run that too. But 3d analyze will not support it. Even 2gb ram is not enough.

  34. Sampath · December 20, 2008

    thx aditya i guess i will be getting a 9400GT soon n i guess i can runn the game on it
    i know itz pretty low end but enough for me

  35. Rumais · December 20, 2008

    i have intel 915G/82915g express chipset 128 MB internal Vga card and 1 GB of ram. i tried shrek the third game; the game logo & video plays and then the game is closed. please help

  36. Mujtaba · December 29, 2008

    plz tell me about 3d analyze. One option will be necessary for my graphics game which is name Gta san andreas. When i checked on force reference rast. option which is necessary for my game but when i checked it doesn’t start. what should i do about my game tell me plz.

  37. Aditya · December 30, 2008

    @Rumais: All games do not work with 3D Ananlyze. Such as Transformers. But the requirements for Shrek The Third aren’t much. There ought to be no need for 3D Analyze, as it requires only 512 MB RAM and 64 MB VRAM.

    @Mujtaba: I can’t say anything till you give me your system configuration. I run GTA: San Andreas perfectly, without 3D Analyze. See my system config in the post above.

  38. Rumais · December 31, 2008

    Hai guys, i just want to know if its possible to run prince of persia (2008 release) with 3d analyzer?

  39. extremetech · January 4, 2009

    ok just want to know if the 3d analyzer helps my computer or is my settings ok for alot

    Sony Vaio VGN-NR140E
    intel dual core @ 1.6 ghz
    gma x3100 onboard graphic
    windows media center 2005
    2gb ram

    and i wanna know if i can play f.e.a.r. project origin (feb 2009 release)
    or do i need the 3d analyzer ????

  40. Aditya · January 4, 2009

    @extremetech: That configuration is not bad… I don’t think there’s any need for 3D Analyze. 384 MB RAM is more than enough for F.E.A.R
    F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, the latest release, is not so high on resources. This can easily be run without any need for 3D Analyze, but I cannot say anything about F.E.A.R Project Origin. Wait till 10 Feb!!

    • neel pavan · September 2, 2010

      hey 1st of all i have 1.5 GB ram
      VIA/S3G Unichrome graphic card
      windows SP 2
      i really need to run fear, after using 3DA i can only see the cursor the background is black please help!!!

  41. Debojit · January 9, 2009

    My laptop has 1GB DDR2 Ram, intel Core2Duo 1.64 Ghz and Intel 945Gm 128mb chipset, will i be able to run NFS Carbon with 3d Analyze?

  42. Abhishek · January 9, 2009

    Hi i want to run spiderman 3 and nfs carbon on my pc Pleaseee help meeeeee
    I have
    intel core2duo processor, 1gb ddr2 RAM, 128mb of internal video memory
    around 373 GB sata II hard disk

  43. Aditya · January 10, 2009

    @Debojit: Don’t think you need 3D Analyze to run Need For Speed Carbon with that configuration. Anyway, 3D Analyze does have troubles with the NFS series, even Most Wanted.

    No Spider-Man 3 cannot be run with that configuration. 3D Analyze will give a Pixel Shader Ver. of only 1.1, and this requires 3.0

  44. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    Will ur 3d analyzer work on my pc
    My system have
    512DDR1,64mb video memory without any graphic card?plz help me

  45. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    Will ur 3d analyzer work on my pc
    My system have
    512DDR1,64mb video memory without any graphic card?plz help me
    Will it work on those games which released aftr 2006 nd befor 2008

  46. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    Oops i forgot to tell u! I have celeron duel processor of 2.4ghz

  47. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    I wnt to play prince of persia the two thrones, devil may cry3,fifa 2008,tomb raider,anneversiry,NFS carbon,mostwanted

    • Prathap · July 18, 2009


      I want to play NFS most wanted by using 3D Analyzer, what i have to do.

      I don’t have Graphic card, i have 2GB RAM, 160 GB Hard disk, 2.0 Ghz, Processor.

      Please replay me.

  48. Aditya · January 11, 2009

    @Akhil: None of those games will work. Most Wanted might, but not the others. Not even with a RAM upgrade. Carbon will work with a RAM upgrade, but get a graphics card for others.

  49. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    So bro gve me the list of game which will work with 3d analyzer

  50. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    Which years of games support 3d analyzer? Bro

  51. Akhil · January 11, 2009

    Is their no way to play these games without purchasing graphic card?it is so costly nd my father never buy it bro! Any other software or anythng bro?

  52. Aditya · January 11, 2009

    @Akhil: No. There’s no way. You have to purchase a graphics card. Even I don’t have one. More than graphics memory, its the pixel shader and vertex shader that is important. 3D Analyze cannot emulate those well. Only 1.1 is supported. So you have to get a graphics card.

    For knowing about which game will run on your PC, visit this article


  53. Akhil · January 13, 2009

    Tell me the names of games with which i cn play on my pc with help of 3d analyzer?bro

  54. Waeel · January 17, 2009

    the only game worked well with 3danalyze is (Resident Evil-Biohazard)

  55. Aditya · January 17, 2009

    @Waeel: Too bad. Many games work for me… Its mainly for those games who wont budge if you dont have a graphics card of that specific brand.

    • noone · June 30, 2009

      i have fifa 09 and it works good, just cant see the 3d grass. if i enable it the game just cuts off but when its disable the game runs well

  56. Kishor · January 20, 2009

    Hi I am have installed prince of persia and when i try to play a game a black screen appears and then nothing happens.
    I have 2.7 Ghz process and intel 845GVSr motherboard with 512 MB DDR Ram.
    Its say my graphixs card is incompatible and some pixel shadder problem.
    Please help.

  57. Aditya · January 20, 2009

    @Kishor: Pixel shader can only be upgraded or emulated to 1.1 in 3D Analyze. Not further. Unfortunately, 1.1 is too bad for games.

    512 MB RAM is too less. Upgrade to atleast 2 GB. DDR2, if possible.

  58. MADDY · January 26, 2009

    Hi Everyone
    This Emuator is Great!!
    i played RESIDENT EVIL 4, OBSCURE 2 and DEVIL MAY CRY 3 with the help of this emulator and both ran smoothly..
    now i need help
    Does anyone here know where can i get Vendor and Device IDs for other than the Default Graphics Card mentioned in the Emulator???
    Please Help
    By the way i have 82865G Intel 3.0 GHz Motherboard with 1GB Ram and 64 V.Ram.

    • aditya · May 15, 2009

      can u please tell me the settings of obsure-2;carbon…..

    • arun · May 28, 2010

      can any one tell me the settings for resident evil 4

    • rehan · March 26, 2011

      can you tell me the settings for obscure 1 or obscure 2 please dude reply me k

  59. Aditya · January 26, 2009

    @MADDY: Thank you so much for appreciating this post!! About your query: I don’t feel, that other Device IDs or Vendor IDs should work with 3D Analyze, as these are programmed into the software. Guess we have to wait for the next version for more graphics cards!

  60. MADDY · January 27, 2009

    @Aditya: Okz then, Guess i have to wait…..Since i have Eded the games i mentioned above…..im looking forward to buy a new game cuz…..i recently bought THE GODFATHER….it ran without the help of 3D analyze….but there was a slight problem….there was no texture in the game…..everything was without texture except for the Player and Main Characters in the Game…..then i ran it with 3D Analyze…..but that doesnt help me too….and i cant play it like that its really annoying……!!!
    So, Is there anyone here who has its solution or facing the same problem….?
    Please tell me some Games which can be played with 3D-Analyze….

  61. MADDY · January 27, 2009


  62. Zelotz · February 5, 2009

    I wana play NFS Carbon but I do not have pixel shadder nor vertex nor Video HW Transform & Lighting. Will 3D analyse help? I have 2.4GHz, 2GB ram and a 32VRAM graphics card.

  63. Aditya · February 5, 2009

    Sorry, but 3D Analyze does not support NFS Carbon. I had a similar problem, and could not fix it.

  64. Naveen · February 9, 2009

    my system has 64 Mb graphics memory and 1152 Mb of RAM.how can i run Battlefield 2 using 3D analyse.Can u please help?

  65. Dado · February 13, 2009

    Hi! I cannot run 3D analyze. I get this error: “3D-Analyze has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Anyone else having these problem? I have 1,0GHZ, 16MB S3 graphics card and 1GB of RAM and using directx 9.0c. I would like to run gta iii liberty city. I can run it, but the game brakes.

  66. Dado · February 15, 2009

    Ok, I’ve succeeded in launching 3D analyze, but I can’t run gta iii. I don’t know how to configure it. With 3D analyze brakes even more or one time, it was all in black and white cubes… Road, cars, buildings… Everything… Any help would be appreciated, please…

  67. Aditya · February 15, 2009

    @Dado: Sorry man. I can’t help with this one. Beats me.

  68. Krishan · February 19, 2009

    Can i play Resident evil 4 and devil may cry 3
    Dual Core 1.6ghz
    1 gb ram
    intel 945g
    128 mb vram

  69. Aditya · February 19, 2009

    Krishan: I think you should be able to play those. I tried Resident Evil 4, and it worked satisfactorily. Graphics were not that good.

  70. aman · February 22, 2009

    hi , I’m in a pinch as I bought FEAR persues mandate and it is not workin on my PC . I don have any grafix card . I am using 3D analyzer but I am not able to configer it for FEAR. Please help me .

  71. Aditya · February 23, 2009

    @aman: What is your PC configuration? F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate requires 1 GB RAM, 128 MB Graphics Memory, and a 2.2 Ghz Processor.

  72. sumit · February 25, 2009

    i have 64 mb graphic memory and 1gb ram how can i run fifa 2008

  73. Aditya · February 25, 2009

    @sumit: No. I tried. It doesn’t work.

  74. Alok · February 27, 2009

    I AM BACK.just use the correct settings in the program and fifa will work.

    • Qasim · August 11, 2009

      plz give the setting for fifa 2008

  75. Alok · February 27, 2009
  76. Aditya · February 28, 2009

    Guys, see the last line of the post once again. I updated it.

  77. anurag · March 3, 2009


    I just wanted to know what are the drawbacks of using a 3D analyze. currently I am playing BIA:Road to Hill 30 with 3D analyze. My pc has a 1 GB Ram with a memory size of 384MB. is there any risk since it just “emulates” pixel shader aspects?

    • Aditya · March 3, 2009

      There aren’t any drawbacks as such, though 3D Analyze has known to cause a system crash, but everything’s okay after resetting your PC. If your PC barely meets your game’s requirements, I suggest not to use 3D Analyze. You may experience a sudden drop in performance, with no dramatic increase in graphical pleasure.

  78. Anurag · March 3, 2009

    Hi Aditya,

    Actually my PC boasts a 384 MB graphics memory and 1 GB Ram. the only problem is that the game shows a black screen without 3D analyze as the the Intel Graphics card does not support pixel shader. I hope I can use 3D Analyze without any problems then….

    • Aditya · March 3, 2009

      3D Analyze was made specifically for that purpose. To emulate Pixel Shaders.

  79. Tapas · March 3, 2009

    Since we are so high on comments here, let me give u all one piece of advice.

    There was a mention of some website slated : “Can you run it ?”. Dont trust it.

    It may give ur PC a “fail”, but games will run.

    I looked up the requirements for World In Conflict (great strategy game), and the website stated I couldnt run it. But it ran on medium settings with all eye candy turned on.

  80. jass · March 5, 2009

    hi there
    can u give me the sitting for 3d analyze to play prince of persia. well the game kind off started but it plays really slow my system configuration is
    p4, 1.8 ghz processor,
    640 mb ram
    os xp sp2

    any comment is highly appreciated

    • Aditya · March 5, 2009

      Too bad, son. I guess the RAM and Processor are not good enough. Come to think of it, I don’t even know which version of Prince of Persia you’re talking about!

  81. jass · March 5, 2009

    well its the warrior within. i try to run on low resolution but it didn’t work

    • Aditya · March 5, 2009

      Well, it should work, but I think the problem is that your chipset itself doesn’t support the game. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within requires NVIDIA® GeForce™ 3/4/FX series (including 4MX) or ATI® Radeon™ 7500/8500/9000 families or newer.
      Try setting the Vendor ID to 4098 and Device ID to 20040, and make run POP with a 9800 Pro. Also, remember to enable “emulate HW TnL caps”.
      Comment if it worked.

  82. rumais · March 10, 2009

    Aditya: Are there any more emulators like 3d analyzer?

  83. Cecil Daniel · March 11, 2009

    I have a Dell inspiron laptop with 2gb ram, Intel core solo 1.66ghz and an Intel 945 Express chipset family with vista premium edition. I want to run Just Cause what settings do i have to use for it to run??….

  84. A dude · March 14, 2009

    guys do u know how to configure this emulator for running Lock On Modern Air Combat idk what to do… i need help

  85. clement · March 17, 2009

    how to run nfs carbon in windows xp with 3d analyzer

  86. clement · March 17, 2009

    how to run nfs carbon in windows xp

  87. clement · March 17, 2009

    nfs carbon could not read my os

    • Alok · March 18, 2009

      3D Analyze is pretty much an outdated program.Its developers have stopped updating it.It might work well with old games but there is no assurance that it will work even as half as good with new games.It will be much more time-saving and effort-saving to buy a good graphics card.My family has decided to buy me a graphics card after entrance exams(18 yrs old) (even though i have not told them the price ranges of a decent graphics card)and at that time the GTX 300 will be released and the prices of GTX 295 will come down and I will buy the 295.But it is up to u to decide whether u must continue tweaking or buy a card.

  88. Alok · March 18, 2009

    You learn a lot from XPerience.

  89. Tapas Trivedi · March 21, 2009


    True. True.

    But for people having all kinds of obstacles before them, can only dream of having a good graphics card.

    Waise, having a GTX 295 is not bad. But consider buying a new power supply for your CPU too, because it requires atleast a 600W one.

    No worries if you have an SMPS of that wattage though.

  90. Myloginid1 · March 25, 2009

    hello every one i want play obs cure 2 (MADDY) had played and i want to play to i have also
    82865G Intel 3.0 GHz Motherboard with 1GB Ram and 64 V.Ram so how can i play the obs cure 2 game i need the setings for obs cure 2 plz help

  91. Myloginid1 · March 25, 2009

    hey its working thanks

  92. Myloginid1 · March 26, 2009

    hi i need setting for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory & for just Cause on 3d Analaizer Plz soon

    • Aditya · March 27, 2009

      I don’t think you require 3D Analyze for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

  93. Ananjan · March 26, 2009

    well nfs carbon is still not working. what should i do now?

  94. Ananjan · March 26, 2009

    can any one of you guys help me to run nfs carbon? please!

    • Aditya · March 27, 2009

      Making Need For Speed Carbon work using 3D Analyze is extremely difficult, or rather impossible I must say. Success rate for DirectX 9.0 and above is very low, and Carbon runs on DirectX 9.0c. Try skipping Pixel Shader 2.0, and emulating NVIDIA GeForce FX5900 Ultra. Still, however, chances are very bleak… Sorry!

    • Aditya · March 27, 2009

      Try this:

      Emulate HW TnL caps
      Emulate cube maps
      Emulate bump map caps
      Emulate other DX8.1 caps
      Emulate pixel shader caps
      Skip pixel shader version 1.1
      Skip pixel shader version 1.4
      Skip pixel shader version 2.0

      • Shang · May 5, 2009

        NFS carbon still does not work can anyone suggest me any other settings in 3D analyzer

  95. Myloginid1 · March 27, 2009

    hey i tried these setings for just cause game starts but the i cant see the text and when i start the game there’s only half sky and i cant see charecter and bottom and any thing else
    and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory requires pixel shader 1.1 the game does not starts until i use

    Emulate pixel shader caps

    and game starts but only for i sec and then back to desktop plz help

  96. Myloginid1 · March 27, 2009

    hello aditya if u can plz also tell me the setings for

    Rainbow Six Lockdown

    plz plz plz tell me the settings and help me

    • Aditya · March 31, 2009

      Put Nvidia GeforceFX 5900 Ultra Device and Vendor IDs, emulate Hardware Transform and Lighting, force Software Transform and Lighting. That should work.

      • keiroh · August 14, 2009

        i force SW TnL, Emule HW TnL, Disable lighting and i put the geforcefx 5900 ultra id on vendors ID, but now my game gives a white screen

  97. Harish · April 4, 2009

    Could u plz tell the 3D Analyzer settings for World in coflict. my pc has 1GB RAM and onboard graphics(845GBV chipset) 2.4GHz Processor

    • Aditya · April 5, 2009

      Don’t think there’s any need for 3D Analyze for that…

  98. Prashanth · April 8, 2009

    Will i be able to run Gta San andreas on my pc wit dis software??
    My Config:
    Intel P4, Asus Motherboard(32 mb Video Memory), 1.25gb Ram…
    Pls let me know d correct settings required!

    • Aditya · April 8, 2009

      Try these settings:

      Force SW TnL
      Force Max. Pixel Shader Version 1.4
      Force High Precision Pixel Shader
      Emulate HW TnL caps
      Emulate other DX8.1 caps
      Emulate pixel shader caps
      Emulate bump map caps
      Emulate max. sim. textures

      Specify an NVIDIA graphics card.

      • Prashanth · April 9, 2009

        I tried these settings and d game is loading but d screen keeps on flickering a lot!
        wat should i do??

        • Prashanth · April 12, 2009

          I found dat d flickerin of screen is there oly in V2.36 and d defect is not thr in older versions!
          Thnx anyway for sharin:)

  99. Tony · April 12, 2009

    I need help using 3d analyze.
    I tried to open battlefield 1942 Singleplayer demo, but when i get to the create the match screen and i click start, the game crashes and exits to desktop.
    can you show me the layout?

  100. Serbia · April 13, 2009

    Hi,can someone help me??I test my computer on canyouranit.com for GTA San Andreas,and all is ok just video card is fail…I have 32mb video card,and when i run GTA SA,when on screen show enter screens game crushed and exit me in the windows…What can I do with 3D analyze??What setings can i made to run GTA SA??

    Sry for my bad English

  101. tyrune · April 13, 2009

    hy i need help with settings for need for speed undercover

  102. Qasim · April 15, 2009

    heY GuYz,,
    plz give me the setting of 3D Analyze for FIFA 08.
    its running but i m able to see only EA LOGO and MOVIE.
    MENU And OTHER OPTION are not appear.
    what can i do.??

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  108. anshu · May 2, 2009

    hi my name is anshu can u help me i want to play prostreat on my computer by 3d analysere so please can u tell me the setting of 3d analyzer for prostreet and carbon

  109. carlos · May 13, 2009

    When I try to run Call of duty 2 I have an error who says something like this “could not create 640×480 depth…… so I’m using 3d analyzer, some body help me. Thanks any way.

    • Flozone · July 9, 2009

      This is a video card error which can only be fixed by getting a new video card and for the 3d analyzer
      settings it is almost impossible to set video card depth.
      By the way what kind of video card are you using and what are ur system specifications.

      Comment back plz.

  110. Aditya · May 14, 2009

    can u send me the settings the settings of nfs carbon or prostreet …ineed them badly….please help me ihav 512mb ramand 128mb in built graphics card….i hav runed games like resident evil-4 ;DMC-3;pop-4 through 3d analyzer

    • tamer · December 5, 2009

      i need the setting you used to run dmc3 it didn’t work for
      i have run the resident evil 4 ad its run good

  111. Aditya · May 14, 2009

    pleaze help me
    can u send me the settings the settings of nfs carbon or prostreet …ineed them badly….please help me ihav 512mb ramand 128mb in built graphics card….i hav runed games like resident evil-4 ;DMC-3;pop-4 through 3d analyzer

  112. Anshul · May 16, 2009

    pleaze help me
    Can u send me the settings the settings of nfs most wanted…please help me ihav 1 GB ram ..and intel dual core processor.

  113. Amber · May 24, 2009

    can i run Sims 3 with 3D analyze?how?I’ve gotten is having the game running, with the mouse showing and the music playing but I can’t see anything! The screen is black as can be.

  114. Tony · May 28, 2009

    I cannot run 3d-Analyze . when I double click the file . There is a error message : encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Can s.o HELP ME ! .
    System Information : AMD 750MHz , card MX400 , RAM 512 MB .

    • Aditya · May 28, 2009

      Are you sure that you have a 750Mhz processor? It really isn’t good enough to run any games anyway, so you may as well forget about 3D Analyze.

  115. anirban · May 30, 2009

    what is the vebdor id for fifa 09???

    • Tapas · June 11, 2009

      Vendor id is for graphics cards, not games.

      • zeeshan · August 7, 2011

        plz any one tell me how to run prince of persia the warrior within in 3d analyzer

  116. anirban · May 30, 2009

    what is the vendor id for fifa 09???

  117. joflayflay · June 2, 2009

    Hey aditya, I have marvel ultimate alliance which did showed the characters as weird black shadows. I found out the prob was my video card , it was Intel, I want to use 3D ANALYZER but when I hit “run” it says.

    could not copy opengl32.dll

    • Flozone · July 9, 2009

      This is a common error, all you have to do is to make the files in the 3d analyzer folder non-read only.

      Comment back plz.

  118. Spitfire · June 5, 2009

    Nice blog dude! Really helpful stuff.

    Anyway,Why cant i run DMC3,though i used all the correct settings in 3D Analyze?

  119. vishal · June 7, 2009

    3d analyzer runs nfs most wanted goooooooood on my pc but not nfs carbon. why?
    also it is not able to run prinse of persia series.

    • Mr.Cool · July 20, 2009

      hey dude have tried clicking on all harware limits, all options in anti detect mode, colour mip map meathod 2, force 24 bit Z buffer with stencils, place vendor id ( 4098 20040) for max pixel shader 1.4 and high preciscion shaders and also a useful setting force 100hz tooooooooo
      It may work
      ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUITE GOOD GAME

  120. Plashy · June 7, 2009

    Hey Aditya,
    I want to play need for speed carbon and ProStreet on WinXP. Which settings of 3D analyze can be useful to run these games on my sys. I have raffles nootbook and my sys specification is;
    1.73GHz centrinio processor
    RAM 760MB
    GC Intel (R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML express chipset
    OS winXP sp2
    DirectX 9.0c
    I am playing need for speed most wanted black edition and its running great without 3D analyze. And i have also heard about SwiftShedder. Is this app useful for me to run these games? Pls help and reply me as soon as possible.

    • Tapas · June 11, 2009

      Swiftshader essentially uses your processor’s capabilities to harness the graphics. As a result, most games get unplayable fps rates (with the exceptions of a few ancient titles such as Halo, Battlefield 2 or Half-Life 2) . . . so it is not recommended.

      Dont even think about using swiftshader for the new games (especially the Need For Speed titles like Pro-Street; a pain in the crack if you ask me :P) . . .

  121. 666 · June 9, 2009

    thanks. great work. i hope it’ll be useful for me. i’ll inform you if it work.

    can anyone give the VendorID & DeviceID for NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 ?
    if then i’ll be very thankful.

    • Jonas Silva · February 23, 2013

      VendorID 4318 DeviceID 65

  122. hitec16 · June 12, 2009

    i used 3-d analyze and played POP sand of times in 82865G intel inbuilt card i hav 2.8Ghz dual core porcessor and 512 MB ram hurray !!!

    • yo · July 22, 2009

      can u tell me hw did u select the settings

  123. Kaps814 · June 13, 2009

    Plz plz plz tell me the 3d analyze configuration for NFS Carbon……………………..Waiting!!!!!!!!!!

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)

    System Memory 502.3

    Processor Speed 1795.6

    DirectX Version 9.0c

    Display Device Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family

    Display Memory 128.0

    Display Driver

    Sound Device Realtek HD Audio output

    Sound Driver

    • Aditya · June 13, 2009

      Read. The. Entire. Post.

    • junaid · July 3, 2011

      i also have same problem ! my cousins says you can buy a graphics card of 128 mb this must play game

  124. saurabh · June 19, 2009

    can anybody give me the setting of 3d analyzer to run prince of persia warrior within ,i have intel 82865g graphic card,

  125. Vibhash · June 19, 2009

    can anybody give me the settings to run just cause please?

    system specifications-
    dual core
    1.5 gb ram
    a broadband
    intel onboard graphics card of 128 mb with support of pixel shader 2.0 (intel 82945g)

  126. shubham oberoi · July 4, 2009

    will it run x-men origins :wolvrine?

  127. red alert fan · July 9, 2009

    i want setting for red alert 3?

  128. Fifa fan · July 13, 2009

    Settings for Fifa 2008.please

    • Swordmaster Dante · May 16, 2010

      Well try these settings: emulate HWTnL Caps, emulate pixel shader caps,force SWTnL, Force Anisotrophic Filtering, Skip Pixel Shader 2.0, Force low precision pixel shader, Anti-Detect Mode: Shaders and Textures.
      Device ID: 20040
      Vendor ID: 4098

      Also watch this video on youtube. Might be of any help!

  129. HANAD · July 16, 2009

    settings for call of duty 2 pppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  130. HANAD · July 16, 2009
  131. yo · July 22, 2009

    hey can i know the settings for topspin game…..which one to select and which one not…..p4 2.4 processor…756 mb ram…64 m video card

    • Swordmaster Dante · May 16, 2010

      756 RAM is not enough. Still its give it a try.Try these Settings: Enable all emulate caps, Force SWTnL, Anti-Detect Mode: Shaders and Textures.
      Device ID: 20040
      Vendor ID: 4098

    • feroz · June 14, 2011

      hi mate can mail me the settings for topspin…please…i need very badly..
      email: newguy_feroz@yahoo.com
      thank u in advance…have a rocking future mate..

  132. yo · July 22, 2009

    as u said that,system config changes…its not happening at all

  133. yo · July 22, 2009

    reply soon boss

  134. Epapyha · July 22, 2009

    I tried running WoW: WotLK and it keeps failing to start and use the 3D Accelerator. Any help?

  135. akash · July 27, 2009

    see i have nfs under cover and my pc is a n intel 845 motherboard with an 1 gb ram and a 64 mb graphic card but i cant get the setting to run that plzz help me out

  136. akash · July 27, 2009

    see i have nfs under cover and my pc is a n intel 845 motherboard with an 1 gb ram and a 64 mb graphic card but i cant get the setting to run that plzz help me out plzz

    • Swordmaster Dante · May 16, 2010

      Enable all Emulate Caps, Anti-Detect Mode: Shaders and Textures.
      Device ID: 20040
      Vendor ID: 4098

  137. Sylar · July 27, 2009

    hey guys………….. well i m a new user of 3d-analyzer………….
    and my HCL notebook configurations are…..
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
    System Memory 502.3
    Processor Speed 1.86 GHz
    DirectX Version 9.0c
    RAM 896MB
    Sound Device Realtek HD Audio output
    Sound Driver
    Display adapter ATI RADEON XPRESS 1100

    could i be able to play grid comrade……. or nfs carbon……………………….
    if i can then pls send me settings for 3d-analyzer…………..

  138. ATUL · July 29, 2009


  139. Ravi · July 29, 2009

    hey man ,, just hlp out ,, da prob is i’ve got fifa 08 installed on intel 82865G chipset ,, 256 ram 2 ghz p4,,
    but when running the game it goes into blank screen n no coming back ,, what to do as in my friends pc its running fine,, help out bro ,,can 3d help me out in this , if yes then please guide or its the motherboard prob ,,
    please mail me ,,

    Thanks for your efforts.

  140. Venkatesh · July 31, 2009

    Hi This is venkatesh,

    i need the settings for playing brianlara cricket 2007 i will be pleased if you can send the settings to the mail id or by post.

    My system cunfigurations.

    Processor Speed 2.86 GHz
    DirectX Version 9.0c
    RAM 2GB
    NVIDA 256MB graphic card


    • Swordmaster Dante · May 16, 2010

      Why Do you need 3D analyze. You have a NVIDIA graphics card. Yet 3D analyze settings you can try:
      emulate HWTnL caps and Pixel Shader caps. Force Anisotrophic Filtering, force 100hz (game might crash) and performance mode.
      Device ID: 20040
      Vendor ID: 4098

  141. balaji · August 1, 2009

    will i able to run xmen the official game with this specs
    intel dual core
    1gb ram
    intel 256mb onboard graphics

    • Swordmaster Dante · May 16, 2010

      Will Lag like Hell. So try 3D analyze. These are the settings: Enable all Emulate caps, Force Anisotrophic filtering, force 100hz (optional), performance mode.
      Device ID: 20040
      Vendor ID: 4098

  142. maxi · August 10, 2009

    it says
    error error while injecting dll into target process
    help me

  143. Qasim · August 11, 2009

    my pc config are

    2.4 ghz
    1 gb ram
    windows xp service pack 3
    80 gb hdd
    intel 82865g 96mb

    when i run fifa 2008 with 3d analyze the graphics are cutting and i m only able to see EA Logo and movie clearly.

    plz plz help me

    wht can i do?

  144. Ankit · August 12, 2009

    I have 1 gb ram ddr2
    1.80 ghz processor dual core pentium 4 (R)
    hard disk 500 gb
    256 mb graphic card intel original
    please tell me the configuration of 3d analyzer so that i can run matrix the path of neo and far cry 2

    only tell me the place where i have to click to run the game

  145. misael · September 3, 2009

    ta mal eso cara de bobo

  146. yash chouske · September 4, 2009

    i have 512 mb ram & processor intel celeron 2.00 ghz
    i want to play prince of persia warrior within i use this software it fullfil all the requirement but it does not launch the game i wnt ot play game, what are the initial setting i have to make to run the game
    i can add even 128 mb ram more

  147. yash chouske · September 4, 2009

    prince of persia warrior within game is running at my computer without using above software but it runs very slowlyplzzzzzzzz help me . tell me setting which i use in this software to run the game

  148. siddh · September 13, 2009

    hey……cod 3???????..i hv 1.25 gb ram ddr1 and P4 dual core… 3.0g ghz

  149. Ashish · September 18, 2009

    how to run burnout paradise

  150. jeff · October 5, 2009

    hi, anyone successfully gotten 3danalyze to work with Sims 3?

  151. muralikumar · October 6, 2009

    how can i play prince of persia sands of time with 3danalyzer

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  153. wajahat · October 14, 2009

    Please give me the settings that work for Matrix Path of Neo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Its urgent

  154. rahul · October 21, 2009

    how can i play fifa 08
    with 3d analyze

    plz help me


  155. Vikrant · October 26, 2009

    Hello author. Nice post! I did understood the post and how to use the virtual drivers. But, I already have an inbuilt nVidia nForce and GeForce 6100 512 mb Graphic card. Before installing virtual drivers, sholud I need to uninstall the previous drivers? Does it work with Windows XP SP3, Vista Ultimate SP1 and Windows 7? Waiting for a positive reply. Regards…

  156. ASad · October 27, 2009

    I have P4 3.0 1.25 GB RAM INTEL 915G MOTHER BORD


  157. prashant · November 5, 2009

    hey can anyone help me with assasins creed i have 1.83 ghz, 3 gb ram, core 2 duo processor..if anyone knows the exact settings plz help me …i can have the game run but i crashes after the intro part to the desktop..plz help me i m hell mad to play this game plz help me as asoon as possible…….thnx

  158. prashant · November 5, 2009

    hey can anyone help me with assasins creed i have 1.83 ghz, 3 gb ram, core 2 duo processor..if anyone knows the exact settings plz help me …i can have the game run but i crashes after the intro part to the desktop..plz help me i m hell mad to play this game plz help me as asoon as possible…….thnx

  159. TAMIL-DPM · November 5, 2009

    its not working for GTA-sanandrease my configuration is intel 945 express chipset with 1gb of ram and intel pentium dualcore2.8ghz processor

  160. AKSHAY · November 6, 2009

    It’s not working on my pc. As I select the file and do the specific changes and click run it dowsn’t respond but after sometimes it comes back to normal.

  161. Spandan · November 7, 2009

    Hey can anyone tell me Settings for Splinter cell Chaos theory …when i run the utlity it shows my system has recommended all things but still it shows that a graphic card is required …here’s my system info

  162. shaurya · November 8, 2009

    hey plz can u send the settings of games like spiderman frnd or foe , the godfather and dynasty warriors 6 plz reply it fast

  163. trilok · November 9, 2009

    please post the settings for fifa 09 in 3d analyzer emulator
    my pc configuration is
    microsoft windows xp
    version 2002
    service pack 2
    intel (R) pentium(R) dual cpu
    E2140 @1.60GHz
    1 gb ram

  164. criss · November 18, 2009


    my PC configuration is this. i cant play NFS CARBON n NFS UNDERCOVER… PLEASE HELP ME.. THIS IS MY MAIL SEND A REPLY PLEASE…. criss486_4u@yahoo.co.in

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, v.5755 (Build 2600)

    System Memory 1016.4

    Processor Speed 2964.4

    DirectX Version 9.0c

    Display Device Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

    Display Memory 128.0 Pass 64.0

    Display Driver

    Sound Device Realtek HD Audio output

    Sound Driver

  165. anoop · December 5, 2009

    hi guys..
    can u pls give me the settings for fifa 09
    thx u in advance..

  166. anoop · December 5, 2009
  167. surendra · December 10, 2009

    fear game settings

    i’ve 64 mb graphic card.. 1gb ram

  168. surendra · December 10, 2009


  169. unimas · December 15, 2009

    can u give me settings for nba 2k9 plzzz!!!

  170. saurabhverma · December 23, 2009

    Tell me the corract conig on 3D analyzer to make far cry 2 to run on my system.
    When i tried it said your graphic card drivers are too old.
    Please solve my problem.

    My system specification is:
    Processor: pentium(r) dual core cpu E 5200 @ 2.5 GHz
    HDD: 160 GB
    L2 cache: 2MB
    RAM: 2 MB
    Mainboard: Kobian PIG3IT
    Video card: INTEL(R) G33/G31 Express chipset family
    OS: windows XP PRO SP2

    Plese reply me at your earliest possibe.

  171. vishwal · December 28, 2009

    i tried call of duty 4-modern warfare wid 3d analyzer bt its nt workin…it shows an error dat it cannot copy forceDll.dll to COD4 foldr…plzzzzzz hlp..
    my system config is

    core2duo processor,2gb ram ,NVidia motheerboard…

  172. Maninder · January 6, 2010

    hlo friends i hav need for speed shift. Is it working with 3d analyzer and what are the settings for this
    my system sonfiguration is
    dualcore processor,1gb ram Asus motherboard

  173. chris · January 9, 2010

    can you please give me the settings for fifa 07 for 3d analyze i hav 1g of ram and nvidia motherboard

  174. HitMAn · January 9, 2010

    Need Instruction for pRince fo Persia 2008

    I meet all the requirement whinout the graphic card i hace 1.4 i need 3.0 PLLZ ANsswer my question


  175. mahady · January 16, 2010

    hi,my pc requirement is core 2 duo @ 2.8 ghz,2gb ram,g31 chipset with 384 vram..
    i want to play carbon,resident evil 4,test drive unlimited….thanks

  176. Rahul · January 24, 2010

    hey hi i need 2 play nfs undercover but i m not able to do that.
    Would u plz help me in that.
    I need the settings for nfs undercover intommti systen v2.35b

  177. Muhib · January 26, 2010

    Hey i checked ur list of Games that work with 3D analyzer,
    The Game Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe was therein, i tried to run that game with the Analyzer but it did’nt worked… if u know the configurations of analzer to play that game please tell me, i realy want to play that game.

    • shiv · January 31, 2010

      Hi Muhib, I played narnia with 3d analyze. settings are –

      In Hardware Limits(cap bits) – emulate HW Tnl caps, emulate pixel shader caps
      In Z-buffer – firce 24 bit with stencil

      then game starts to play.

      • Ravikantbpl · December 11, 2010

        Thanx Shiv… now i can play Narnia on my PC…

  178. diwa · January 26, 2010

    what is the setting required to run nfs undercover. i have 1.2 gb of ram.

  179. diwa · January 26, 2010

    how to run nfs undercover and call of duty 5 using 3d analyser?

  180. mahady · January 27, 2010

    they will not run using 3d analyzer.

  181. Muhib · January 28, 2010

    Anyone Knows settings for Silent Hill 3?

  182. Aman · January 29, 2010

    Hey every1, my pc config. Is –
    – dual core proccessor
    – 1GB RAM
    – 128MB inbuilt graphic card
    I m really dying to play resident evil 4 biohazard on my pc…. Can i play it using 3d analyzer….. Plz rply soon….plz plz ….
    I wd also like to mention that truly this is one of d best blogs i hav ever read…. Thnx rply soon

  183. Josh M. · January 31, 2010

    Hello, I run call of duty 4: Modern Warfare and everything seems to be working fine, but i get this error that says direct x encountered an Unrecoverable error.
    i Reinstalled Direct X and i Reinstalled call of duty 4: modern warfare and nothing. Anyone have any ideas? please respond back by email, joshymac737@hotmail.com thanks

  184. Brikeh · February 13, 2010

    I have graphic card 82865G and I want to play simple game called Red Baron wings of Honor it says Fatal Error Your graphic card does not support the minimum requirement of pixel and Vertex sheder 2.0
    How could setup 3danalyzer-v236 so I could play this game
    I have P4 2.6 GHz and 1 GB or RAM

  185. oodl · February 16, 2010

    can this work with battlefield vietnam?

  186. MUhib · February 18, 2010

    can anyone tell me the settings of 3D Analyzer to run Blood Rayne 2 ?
    My Pc Config is:
    P4 2.6 GHz
    Motherboard- Intel D865G
    1GB Ram
    96 MB video Memory

  187. Khan Fareed · February 27, 2010

    any one know the setting for letf 4 dead on 3D anylize

    PLZ help (Khan_frd2002@rediffmail.com)

  188. Dhaval · March 1, 2010

    Is this 3d analyser is Perfect to NFS MOST Wanted

    I have Intel core 2duo Processot of 1.86Ghz and 2Gb ram

  189. Dhaval · March 1, 2010

    I m unable to play NFS MOst wanted in my pC

    of 1.86 Ghz Intel core2duo processor and 2gb ddr2 ram

    please help me

  190. Deshant · March 15, 2010

    i tried to run POP SOT in 3d analyse 2.34 and it worked, but there were greenish blurr on screen and the prince was partially invisible!!! it was horrible,
    so please tell me settings for 3d analyzer to make it fine…
    i hav—
    2GB RAM
    Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family

  191. Ashish · March 28, 2010

    Hey ,, can u tell me plz that can i run just cause 2 with the help of 3d analyzer .. i have no extrnal graphic card .. plz give me some tips … my ram is 1 gb .. my motherboard is of intel .. panteium 4 .. plz help me .. and also call of duty 4 ( moder warefare ) plz help ..

  192. Avi · April 12, 2010

    Please, Send me setting for NFS Carbon.

  193. vanko · April 15, 2010

    Hi, I can’t play COD4 Modern Warfare with this virtual card. Can anyone explain how to configure?
    Computer’s specifications are:
    CPU: Intel P4 3.0
    Memory: 1GB DDR2
    Graphic(on board): Intel 82945G Express (share mem 128MB)
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    I installed the game on the partition which has 21.1 GB of free space.

    Thanks in advance!

  194. mrigank roy · May 5, 2010

    hey can u please tell me how to run nfs most wanted smoothly on my pc my pc specs are 1gb ddr1 ram 2 ghz celeron processor and an onboard 64 mb graphics chipset my motherboard model is intel 845 chipset

  195. Swordmaster Dante · May 20, 2010

    3D Analyze can also be used for running games that lags at decent speed. Man This is Awesome!!!

  196. koushic · May 29, 2010

    hey can you tell me the settings for dmc3 !!!

  197. george · June 2, 2010

    any idea for call of duty 4 and 5 plssss i need some help my games are sitting and i cannot play them because of the vertex data issue , pls help

  198. jikz · June 4, 2010

    plz give me the graphic settings for sims 3 plz……….i’ve already installed but when i run it it says..”Could not copy C:\sims 3\Gamebin\ForceDLL.dll to C:\sims 3\Gamebin\ForceDLL.dll!”PLS HELP ME………..

  199. Mann · June 9, 2010

    Hi i want to play street lega lracing redline, my computer 500mb ram and 1.58 ghz
    none 3d graphics

    what are the settings?

  200. vipul · June 20, 2010

    hiiiiiiiiiiii guys can u tell me the 3d analyze settings for virtua tennis 3

  201. Albert · June 21, 2010

    Plz.. give me da settings 4 The matrix-path of neo

  202. yassir · June 21, 2010

    help me plz give me the graphic settings for enter the matrix

  203. yassir · June 21, 2010

    i hav 96 mb and 512 ram

  204. vishak · June 22, 2010

    can u help
    i have only 64 mb graphic, 512 ram ,amd sempron processor 2.2ghz…
    pls give the fifa 08 settings for 3d analyzer……

  205. asim · June 24, 2010

    i also asked before but no reply please do reply this time thanks i wanna know that how to run fear 2 project origin using 3d analyze

  206. nitesh · July 11, 2010

    plz help me
    i have need for speed pro street but it is not running on my pc
    my system configuration is-
    AMD athlon 64X2dual core processor 5200+
    ram 2gb
    graphic card :nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430
    i have downloaded 3d analyzer but it is not working
    may be it work but i don’t no the setting
    plz help me. im waiting for ur help
    thank you

  207. nitesh · July 11, 2010

    can any one help i need setting for 3d analyzer to run nfs pro street
    i have
    AMD athlon 64X2dual core processor 5200+
    ram 2gb
    graphic card :nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430
    i have downloaded 3d analyzer but it is not working
    may be it work but i don’t no the setting
    plz help me. im waiting for ur help
    thank you

  208. m · August 2, 2010

    Is there any sites explaining fully how to use 3d analyze?

  209. rohan · August 11, 2010

    hey if anyone knows how to do it for cod 4 (call of duty).
    he/she will be become the richest person in the world

  210. SHEHZAD · August 12, 2010

    Asalam Alaikum
    tell me setting of obscure 2

  211. Unkown · August 17, 2010

    We have 3 laptops

    Sony Vaio: MSI Wind U100
    – 4 GB RAM – 2 GB RAM
    – Intel i5 2.90 Ghz – Intel Atom 1.8 Ghz
    – Nvidia 310GP (512MB Pixel Shader 3.0) – Intel 950 (64MB Pixel shader 2.0)
    – Not allowed to use its (my dad’s) – I am allowed but has poor processor

    HP Pavalion DV1000
    – 2GB RAM
    – Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
    – Intel 855 (64MB Pixel Shader 1.4)
    – My laptop, satisfied with graphics but poor pixel shader

    – Using 3D Analyze with HP in GTA SA the light flickers I dont know whats the problem. Please help me!
    – Sony Vaio Really have extreme performance, can play All GTA including 4 , All NFS,Call of Duty 4.
    -Please help with the HP, Intro freezes and flickers.

  212. sabyasachi · August 23, 2010

    can i use it asus motherbord

  213. vikas · August 24, 2010

    i wanna run fifa9 in 3d analyzer ….cn anybody tell me the settings ,,,,,,i have hp dv6 ,win7 32 bit ,intel hd graphics,,,2gb ram n 2.27ghz……………plz hep me……thnx

  214. Ushnav · September 8, 2010

    Please tell me the settings for POP 2 THRONES. I tried some settings and the box which has the LAUNCH GAME ! came but, i cant click it/ it’s not clickable.

    Plz Help !!

    • satish · September 19, 2010

      someone help me with the settings of matrix path of neo i tried most of the thing written here
      system configuration
      1 Gb ram
      intel dual core (1.73 Ghz)
      intel 945 vga 256mb; win 7
      and for pop two thrones do the force detection by long press ctrl and then manually start pop.exe you might not need to use 3d analyzer to play that if your system has 64 mb intel vga 915 or 945

  215. choki · September 14, 2010

    hey can someone help me with the settings for fear it crashes to the desktop after the zombie guy hit me. the matrix path of neo just shows a flashing white light when i try to play it and hitman contract.it doesnt work at all.Any help will be appreciated.thank you.my system is AOA ZG5 intel 1.48g ram xp service park3, 1.60ghz asus realteak audio

  216. Biswa · October 16, 2010

    anybody knows how to play amnesia :the dark deccent..pls help me i hve 1gb ram dual core 2.7 Ghz cpu and intel g31 express chipset pls …..if any body know how toplay silent hill home comming pls help me….or mail me


    • m0zilla · July 27, 2012

      I happen to be wondering the same thing, no replys.

  217. yudhis · December 6, 2010

    Hi, i wanna play silent hill 2: director’s cut with 3d analyze but it turns into blank screen then it return to windows again. Can u explain why it’s happening and how to set 3D Anlyze so I able to play silent hill 2? Plz…

    I also use game booster, and Advance System Care Pro.
    My spec is:
    Intel Core Duo T2050
    Intel GMA(R) 945 128 share RAM.

  218. balu raj · December 10, 2010

    can you please tell me 3d analyzer settings for my pc,,,

    pentium r duel core cpu,2gb ram,2.60ghz…,intel gma 3100 graphic card it have pixel shader 2, thats all,,

    pls pls pls tell me how to play path of neo matrix????????

  219. yogesh · December 14, 2010

    my pc specs are
    1 gb ram
    intel gma video card with 256 mb graphic memory
    260 gb hd
    2.6 ghz processor
    acer LCD monitor ( not sure about its inches but maybe its 17”- 21″ )


  220. coolspideyfan · January 25, 2011

    guys plz help me out on my post

  221. drizel · February 1, 2011

    Guys, can you give me 3d analyzer settings for prince of persia the two thrones.
    my pc configs-

    pentium 4
    512 MB as RAM

  222. Pingback: 3D ANALYZER (“Main game tanpa VGA”) « Share Tricks & Applications here
  223. simu · February 27, 2011

    not working when iam applying it nothing happens plz help!
    2gb RAM
    Processor : E2140 1.60GHz
    Graphics:256mb onboard
    OS: Windows XP SP3

  224. coolboysam · March 4, 2011

    i have a problem this game matrix the path of neo when i run this game it run n cencel auto.so tell me the setting of 3d analization so i run this game.

    reply must?

  225. coolboysam · March 4, 2011

    i have a problem this game matrix the path of neo when i run this game it run n cencel auto.so tell me the setting of 3d analization so i run this game.

    my system is
    dell gx280/Pentium 4,3.2ghz,/1gb RAM/128 mb chip set graphic card/windos xp
    graphic card info:: intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset

    reply must?

  226. coolboysam · March 4, 2011

    matrix the path of new did not run plzz help me.
    tell me a setting

    my system is

    dell gx280/Pentium 4,3.2ghz,/1gb RAM/128 mb chip set graphic card/windos xp
    graphic card info:: intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset

    reply must?

  227. emin · March 12, 2011

    I want to ask if it works with F.E.A.R. ? plsss help

  228. utkarsh · March 14, 2011

    hey!!!! can anyone tell me what r d setting 4 the godfather:the game….. plzzzz

  229. Snupy · March 22, 2011

    Ok i was thinking….Could Call of Duty 2 work on 3DA and what are the setings for it
    My system is:

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.60 Ghz
    512 Gb Ram
    Intel(R) 828g5 Graphic Controller 64 mb
    Microsoft Windows Xp Professional

    Pls help

  230. agung · March 23, 2011

    How abaut alcatras….
    is that work….

  231. Sayyed Jahangir · April 1, 2011

    hi……u all
    can any body give me the settings of need for speed pro street

  232. apoorv · April 8, 2011

    i have 2.5 gb of ram and and an intel 945gm graphic core with centrino duo processor.can sme1 plzzz tell me the settings on 3d analyzer to run devil may cry 3 and pes 11

  233. farhan · April 17, 2011

    hey aditya,can u tell me the settings for transformers : the game.my pc config is

    Pentium 4 2.00 Ghz

    768 mb of ram

    Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 440 with agp 8x.

  234. prince · April 18, 2011

    i run the punisher game on 3d analyser it shows error that .dll is not at target process plz help me tell me how can i fix it plzzzzz

  235. Valio · May 2, 2011

    Can someone tell me the settings for nfs carbon on 3d analyser. Mail me at valentin_pk@yahoo.ie

  236. kevin · May 15, 2011

    hey anyone out there who can help me……….. can i play pro evolution soccer 10 on my pc using 3d analyzer .my system configuration is: 2gb ram,intel core i3 540@ 3.06 ghz,intel hd graphics with 64mb video memory

  237. shantanu · May 23, 2011

    i want to play assassin’s creed 2 on my comp but when i click on the icon nothing happens can 3d anylyzer fix it if it can please send me the settings

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  239. mkm · June 8, 2011

    can i play fallout 3 with that program
    my system information

    windows 7 ultimate X86
    CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.8ghz
    Video Card ATI x200 (integrated)
    RAM 766mb(1gb)

  240. Abhijeet · July 13, 2011

    Please give me 3d analyzer settings for matrix path of neo.
    my pc system confg is – intel core 2 duo,intel g33/g31 express 256mb chpst,1gb ddr2.
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz give the settings to play the game. my age is 13+.Plz give me settings brothers & sisters!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Naresh · July 16, 2011

    Guys especially Alok. Pleease can u help me to configure my computer.
    I want to play fifa 11 and my computer has Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
    System Model: HP dx2700 MT(RC737AV)
    BIOS: Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: n/a
    Memory: 2048MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 2038MB RAM
    Page File: 1350MB used, 2726MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11 and internal 128mb graphics card. Please give me the settings of fifa11 for 3d analyser. Please email me to thriller_blaze@live.com. PLEASE

  242. nikhil joy · July 30, 2011

    Pleease can u help me to configure my computer.
    can i play prince of persia sand of time
    processor intel pentiumE5500
    ddr2 ram
    on bord graphics 256mb
    motherbord p5kpl-am/ps
    bios-american megatrents
    pleace replay this email-nikhiljoy7610@gmail.com

  243. Chris davis · July 31, 2011

    please can you help me to configure me 3d analyze
    can i play the chronicles of narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe game
    processor:-intel celeron cpu 420 @1.60 ghz
    ram:-ddr2 ram of 1gb
    on board graphics car of 128mb
    please reply to this email:-

  244. rohan · August 1, 2011

    sir can u please help me to run need for speed undercover game through 3d analyzer.!
    my laptop conf. is core duo prossersor 512 ram with 2.7GHz..

  245. ams · August 4, 2011

    please help me 3d analyzer settings for kungfu panda pc game

  246. kuldeep · August 7, 2011

    Hi all please tell me the settings on 3D analyser for COD4….

  247. fahad · August 19, 2011

    please help me run nfs hot pursuit using 3d analyser
    my laptop configuration is…

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz
    RAM 1GB

    VIDEO RAM 318.4MB

    MY MAIL ID: fahadmsheikh@gmail.com

  248. Sebin PS · September 9, 2011

    @ams : 3d aanalyzer Settings For Kung Fu Panda Pc Game:
    Emulate Hw TnL Caps , Emulate pixel shader caps… as far as im concerned..
    you can play with some other settings too… but you cant see the menu and cutscenes with these settings… have to fix it…

  249. krishna · September 25, 2011

    hey , guyz im new to this ….so can any body tell me that can we run GTA 4 with 3d analyzer if yes then what r the settings for it …plz reply to this …

  250. krishna · September 25, 2011

    my settings for Gta 4, r pentium (R) dual core
    2.20 Ghz 2 gb ram

  251. Pazdin Dalal · September 30, 2011

    hey can u tell me the settings for spider-man3
    i have core 2 duo 2.66ghz
    2gb ram ddr2
    nvidia onboard geforce 7050/610i ddr1

  252. Arjunah · October 28, 2011

    does godfather 2 run on graphics card emulator?

  253. Arjunah · October 28, 2011

    these are my system details

  254. mukesh · November 3, 2011

    hi… am mukesh and have been download 3d analizer but it shown some error during the excutions of games that error is “error ingecting dll into target process”.please helf me out why is it happning.

  255. Papin · November 18, 2011

    Can any one give me the setting of Call of Juarez bound in blood?

  256. Papin · November 18, 2011

    can any one give me the setting of Call of Juarez bounden blood??

  257. rohit · November 29, 2011

    will i be able to run xmen the official game with specs
    amd sempron 2600+
    448 mb ram
    64mb video card

  258. 15atul15 · December 9, 2011

    please help me.
    how to run xmen the official game using a 3d analyse
    on my pc configuration is…

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40 Ghz
    512 MB RAM
    Graphic Controller 64 MB
    Microsoft Windows Xp sp2

  259. himangshu · December 25, 2011

    hey can uu tell me how to set it for nfs undercover?????

  260. himangshu · December 25, 2011

    heyyyyyyyy pleeeezzeeeeeeeeeeeee ………can uu say how to run NFS undercover without graphics card……………..??????????????????

  261. Hello There. I found your weblog the usage of msn. That is a very well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I will certainly comeback.

  262. Sharun · January 15, 2012

    Can it be used to run far cry 2 on my pc? If yes, then with what settings?
    My pc has-
    2 gb ram, core 2 duo(2.93 GHz), 256 mb graphics on board memory.

  263. Alok Singh · January 27, 2012

    please mail me the settings in 3d analyze to play matrix path of neo. I have tried to play with it but nothing happens & task manager shows it to be not responding. My system specs are intel core 2 duo
    RAM 0.99 GB
    128 MB on board memory(no external graphics card)
    I will be very greatfull to you for this favor I am trying to play this game from a month.Thanks in advance
    My email ID ASlovesAstronomy@gmail.com
    waiting for your reply

  264. Taranjit Singh Bhamra · February 11, 2012

    hey frnd can i run battlefield 2 with 3d analyze…………….plz reply

  265. aniket · February 19, 2012

    hi frnds ……what settings are required for prince of persia warrior within……
    i have
    1 gb ram
    96 mb graphics card

  266. Maia · March 15, 2012

    If this works for Sims 2 could someone tell me how to do it. I have read a lot of tutorials but nothing has worked. I’ve tried everything to get it to work.
    I don’t have a graphics card but an intell chip set family.

  267. Brilliant! Very well presented as well as being perfectly constructed.

  268. deepak97 · May 13, 2012

    pleez help me. i can’t understand what’s the problem. i’m unable to run any game with 3d analyser . for example, i selected ‘prince of persia : the two thrones’ and marked the required settings and then i saved the batch file. after that, when i press run, a dialogue box appears showing, ‘Could not copy …………… to …………’. please help me!

  269. Madhav · June 15, 2012

    Please help me to run Fear 3 on 3D analyzer. My System requirements are
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz
    Ram: 2.00 GB
    System type: 32 bit

  270. Hydro · June 17, 2012

    How to add Home Button in Menu ???

  271. Vinay · July 11, 2012

    Hi thr me havin 1gb ram and 64mb video memory i tried to run prince of persia warrior within using 3d analyser all the requirements were ticked but when i pressed launch game it gives a message” The game cannot be launched: The operation completed succesfully”. Pls help me …… thnx for d help…..

  272. m0zilla · July 27, 2012

    Ok, I was wondering why when i select the Amnesia The dark descent demo, which is executable, why it will NOT load into the 3d analyzer. help please?

  273. samir · September 28, 2012

    hey can you please give me settings for prince of persia two thrones. I have no graphics card. My pc is win 7, 1 gb ram intel 945 motherboard, core2due processer. Plz reply me at my email thanx in advance..

  274. Ankit · September 29, 2012

    hey i want to run god of war 2 in my pc …. What would be the config. of 3d analyzer…. can you plz help me ….
    my pc config is :-
    dual core 2.50 Ghz
    2gb Ram
    256mb video memory…
    Hdd 750gb

  275. Yash Thanthratey · October 17, 2012

    i want to run resident evil 4 but it doesn’t run in my p.c., i have downloaded 3d analyze, but after entering the vendor id and device id, after running it shows that “failed to creat d3d device” and then it close… what can i do plz help me… my graphic is of 64 mb on board and processor is intel dual core…..plz send the results fast…

  276. Jani · October 23, 2012

    Hi Yash.
    I can run Resident Evil 4 on my laptop.
    its 1.4 Centrino
    512 RAM
    64mb onboard graphic

    Game runs at 15fps which is not smooth enough for me.

    I used these options on 3d analyze:
    emulate HW tnl caps
    force 24-bit zbuffer(with stencil)
    Remove stuttering-performance mode

    You can try any options just dont use “without stencil” and force small texture and disable two sided stencil.

    You don’t have to emulate other graphics cards! just leave VendorID and DeviceID at 0.

  277. zelos528 · November 10, 2012

    Well i want to play Continent of the nineth yet it will not allow it . it says error when in dll process? Is there any explanation?

  278. shivansh · December 25, 2012

    hey i want to play just cause on my pc………..what should be the config. of 3d analyzer………….plzz explain
    nd my pc config are
    intel pentium dual cores cpu 2.70ghz
    2 gb ddr2 ram
    256 mb total graphic memory intel(R) 82945G express chipset family
    directx version 11 installed………….although it only supports directx 9.0c
    also i have used swift shader 3.0 it helps to starts the game but extremly slows down d game…….

  279. Debarshi Banerjee · January 24, 2013

    i use 3d analyzer
    but when i configure the settings for FAR CRY in it and click on the RUN button
    a loading sign appears beside the mouse and nothing happens…
    but when i run the game without 3d analyzer it runs but does not support fully…..
    PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME……………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. karan · February 13, 2013

    i am karan. i play Far cry 2 max payne 3 the run but i have no graphic card and i download 3d analyzer,

  281. Seldin · March 8, 2013

    Can i play resident evil 4 with 512mb ram intel celeron 1.80 ghz and onboard intel 82845g graphics card????

  282. Rdx · April 11, 2013

    I have:-
    2gb DDR3 RAM
    INTEL (G4) 64bits 1024 Mb
    will 3d analyser help me play COD -BLACK OPS 2 properly?
    it runs on my computer but not smoothly.

  283. nithin · June 11, 2013

    hey i wanna play god of war in my pc using 3d analyser
    my pc specifications are
    2.3ghz processor intel dual core
    intel hd graphics3000
    4gb ram
    can i play highly compressed god of war game in pc

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  285. Louie · July 26, 2013

    QUESTION? something wrong when I click the SELECT Button I can’t see my games in folder please help! or is because it is BIOS or Img?

  286. kevin · January 16, 2014

    please give me a link for download 3d analyser anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  290. Anand · August 23, 2014

    I just wanna play NFS most wanted in my system smoothly (1 GB ram, 128 graphics, P-4 2.4 GHZ)

    can i play ?????

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  303. raufbisov · September 8, 2016

    Hello everybody! I have a problem with this program. when I click “RUN” it says “Error while injecting DLL into target process. Who have a solution???

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